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Ansprechpartner: Einat Kramer

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+972 04-6749049


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Über uns

Teva Ivri is a non-profit organization promoting Jewish environmental responsibility in Israel.

Comprised of both religious and non-religious activists, our goal is to expand the identities of Jews to include an obligation to sustainable living. By raising awareness and facilitating local community action, Teva Ivri seeks to turn the environmental and social values rooted in the Jewish tradition into the foundational building blocks of Israeli culture and society.

We promote Jewish environmental responsibility in the following settings:
• Formal and informal educational systems: teacher training, curriculum development, and consultation
• Professional organizations and individuals: educational training, workshops and networking
• The general public: large-scale events and the furthering of local green initiatives
• Decision-makers in governmental and public agencies: educational training designed to turn Jewish sustainability into a stimulus for policy change
• Diaspora Jewry: collaborative partnerships with Jewish environmental organizations and programming for visitors to Israel

• Content Development: Teva Ivri writes, translates, and edits a variety of online materials on the topic of Judaism and Environment.
• Shabbat Noach‫‪: Shabbat Brit Olam (Parashat Noach) is the annual “Sustainability Shabbat” in Israel.
• Jewish Environmental Resources
• ‫‪Educator Training: Teva Ivri leads yearly training workshops for teachers in schools and kindergartens.
• Israeli Sustainability Conference‫‪‫‪: Each year, Teva Ivri holds a semi-professional conference on one of its core topics of interest, with the aim of broadening awareness of the connection between Judaism and the environment among professionals in both these fields.
• Lectures and‬‬ Study Groups‬‬: Teva Ivri offers a variety of programs and study groups for lay leaders, rabbis, and community members.
• ‫‪Jewish Peoplehood: Teva Ivri views Jewish peoplehood as both a tool for meaningful environmental change and a goal unto itself. This field has become a cornerstone of our organization as we continue to affect social and environmental in Israel and continue to build a global Jewish environmental network.
• ‬‬‫‪Green Communities and Volunteering: Greening Synagogues; Jerusalem Volunteers for the Environment; Making “Yerushalayim ha-Benuya” (A Rebuilt Jerusalem) a Sustainable Reality

Einat Kramer is the Founder and Executive Director of Teva IvriOrganization.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.