Association for the support of ethnic or cultural minorities

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Über uns

UDUTAMA, founded in 2009, is a non-profit organization that aims to collaborate in the strengthening and preservation of minority cultures which are seriously threatened by an hegemonic one, but with an equal treatment and through a relationship based in cultural exchange.

UDUTAMA is an association of human rights if we add to them the collective rights that minority cultural communities should have to preserve their livelihoods without external impositions and at the same time enjoy the social and political rights that citizens within the hegemonic culture of living have.

• Foster, preserve, spread and strengthen the cultural legacy of the cultural and ethnical minorities that may be threatened by the hegemony of other cultures
• Help to improve the socio-economic and political conditions of the communities of ethnical or cultural minorities
• Particularly, foster the culture and socio-economic structure of the Akha, an ethnic minority who lives in the North of Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and the South of China.

• Carry out sensitization programs regarding the problems the cultural and ethnical minorities in a globalised world have to face to and also regarding how to preserve cultural diversity.
• Study, analyze and identify the cultural and ethnical minorities which are threatened, their problems and the solutions that may be taken on a case-by-case basis to preserve cultural diversity.
• Collect funds to help carry out the socio-economic and cultural projects defined from the communities of cultural or ethnical minorities.
• Foster and manage those volunteers willing to participate in the projects defined from the cultural or ethnical minorities.
• Empower the cultural or ethnical minorities to formalize and carry out autonomously the different stages of the cycle of a cooperation project.
• Foster and coordinate, if needed or demanded, the trade with the products from communities of cultural and ethnical minorities in a "fair trade" basis.
• Mediate with the authorities of the hegemonic culture and with international institutions for the recognition of the political, social and collective rights of cultural or ethnical minorities.

Projects with our Akha counterpart in Northern Thailand, the AFECT association:
Our collaboration with the Akha is based on financial support to their projects, volunteering at the spot and promotion and dissemination of Akha culture.
• Schooling and lodging of the youth
• Empowerment of the women
• Recognition of citizenship
• Transmission of the Akha culture
• Alternative medical clinic AKA-HANI
• Preserving the biodiversity of the forests
• New project of UDUTAMA: Akha coffee

Xavier Tió is the President of UDUTAMA.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.