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Über uns

The Niapele Project was founded in 2007 by two former international volunteers who identified needs at the Buduburam Refugee Settlement in Ghana that were not being met by any existing organization - local or international - or by official authorities. In the first year of operations, The Niapele Project formed partnerships with three local community development organizations, focused on serving the needs of the most vulnerable children

The Niapele Project’s mission is to promote sustainable strategies for the empowerment of vulnerable children, through the development of community-based initiatives.

The Niapele Project aims to have direct, meaningful impact: we achieve this by working in partnership with communities, assisting them to fulfill the needs they have identified, through the development and implementation of initiatives that aim to create the necessary conditions for children to move beyond mere survival and thrive.

The Niapele Project -"The Children's Project"-is an effort to support and aid vulnerable children and war-affected youth, empowering them to become strong and able individuals. Because we believe in holistic, sustainable solutions, The Niapele Project strives to integrate best practices into all of our work, by encouraging women's empowerment, local ownership and leadership, as well as environmentally sound practices.

• School Nutrition Initiative: SNI provided daily meals for the 600+children studying at Carolyn A. Miller Elementary School (CAMES).
• Happy Family Center for Disabled Children (HapFam): a unique community-based effort to provide support and assistance for children with disabilities and their families, all the while promoting greater acceptance and inclusion of children with disabilities in the community.
• Malaya: a rural women's group whose mission is to provide increased economic and educational opportunities to their families and community through farming. In September 2009, Niapele became Malaya's first wholesale reliable purchaser of crops
• Advocacy, Human Rights & Civic Empowerment: We helped create the Buduburam Refugee Concerns International platform; We commissioned two research projects from leading universities, Sciences-Po Paris and Yale University (not a public document), on refugee rights and reintegration; We support the sharing of information, knowledge and best practices with partners and similar organizations. We fiscal sponsorship.
• Abandoned Refugee Children's Home (ARCH): The Niapele Project provided ARCH with funding, capacity-building workshops and support.
• Harmony Children's Center: The Niapele Project provided funding, training and capacity building for the families and staff of the Harmony Children's Center.

All our initiatives are staffed with local employees - mostly women - and we strive to make use of local expertise, services and products whenever possible, in order to ensure that our work benefits the community at large.

Penelope Chester is the Co-founder & Director of the Niapele Project.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.