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Über uns

Powerful Information was conceived in 1989 and is a British charity working to empower communities in low-income countries to tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice and safeguard the environment. We work with and through local partners, community groups, teachers and opinion-formers to understand the needs and aspirations of people living in disadvantaged communities; we help locate appropriate information and know-how; and we then work hard to ensure that the information and know-how we provide educates, informs and empowers.

Powerful Information provides information, education and training, and supports grassroots initiatives that build social capital, promote social justice, and raise public awareness of important social and environmental issues.

Our main role in partnerships is providing training and coaching, and helping with the preparation of materials for use in educational and other programmes. We are also primarily responsible for researching funding possibilities and drafting project proposals, and for the financial management of projects, and monitoring progress and reporting to donors. And we help our partners with local strategic planning, capacity-building and fundraising. Of course, we would achieve very little without the skills, knowledge and experience of our partners, who supervise and manage projects on the ground ― they know how to get things done, understand the culture and politics, and speak the local languages. They also have the contacts, and are known and trusted by local people. We think this combination of sharing responsibilities and learning together is very effective when applied to running grassroots projects and empowering local people.

We are working in two main geographical regions, East-Central Europe and West Africa.

Programmes and Projects
• Lifting People out of Poverty: our grassroots education and skills training programme in West Africa helps women and people with disabilities read, write and count and better support themselves and their families.
• Preparing Students for Responsible Citizenship: our work in schools in Eastern Europe helps improve teaching and environmental education, and encourages students to become better citizens through a variety of hands-on environmental projects.
• Facilitating Change in Rural Communities: our work with disadvantaged communities helps local people respond to the threats posed by globalisation, pollution and climate change.
• Development Education: through activities designed to improve public understanding of the nature and reality of poverty in low-income countries and the practicalities of providing help and assistance to those in need.

Mike Flood is the Director of Powerful Information.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.