Netzkraft Movement

CREEAT Veniti cu Noi

Regional Centre of Environmental Education, Art and Tourism

Cuza Voda 6
5500 Bacau

Contact person: Lupu Remus

+40 744127741
+40 234571642


  • Environmental organization
  • Educational policy/project

About us

CREEAT Veniti cu Noi came into being in 1992, as to create the possibility of organising, supporting, orienteering and uniting civic forces in order to realise a better functioning of the civil society, educating the community to respect the norms of civic behaviour, moral qualities and will, through specific activities.

The organization realises activities with and for youth, with the purpose of sustaining solutions and necessary alternatives to change the mentality, the individual and group behaviour, promoting knowledge and principles of environmental education and NGO's, promoting art and eco-tourism, assuming educational policy which has in view the community and its implication in environmental issues and continuous development of the region through common commitment.

During its existence, the organization contributed to the education and forming of many youth through diversified actions in accordance with the motto: educating through activity, and has nowadays over 62 active members and over 200 collaborators. In developing the actions, the youth activities, in a voluntary system, presented itself in all types of working areas: brainstorming, planning, organising-preparing, acting, evaluating.

For other net participants we can establish new contacts in the field of our work.