Netzkraft Movement

Christen für gerechte Wirtschaftsordnung e.V.

Buchklingen 13
91448 Emskirchen

Contact person: Rudolf Mehl, Gerhard Küstner

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  • Alternative economy

About us

Its seems as though the economy is driving compulsively into an increasing imbalance: superabundance and hunger, destruction of the environment and unemployment, military armament and indebtedness. The legal basic conditions of this development are created by certain privileges, such as an unfair ground order and a circulation of money which is only aiming at growth.

In the association "Christen für gerechte Weltordnung" (Christians for a fair world order) people joined together who are doing or are supporting research and educational work referring to these issues of social order together with further organizations and who are combining at the same time Jewish-Christian doctrines of wisdom (which are also alive in Islam) with modern understanding of the money theory, ground economy and environmental order. In doing so, they want to make a contribution to a market economy in solidarity without capitalist exploitation.

For the increasing need of information of other groups and persons who are dealing with these or similar problems CGW gives lectures, organizes conferences and information booths, and issues papers, books and articles. The association has more than 200 members. The manager is Gerhard Küstner.

Lectures can be given on the subjects fair economic order and we can communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.