Netzkraft Movement


Postfach 34 26
76020 Karlsruhe

Contact person: Stefan Stoll

+49 (0)721 9203310
+49 (0)721 9203312


  • Antiracism, policy of integration
  • Peace politics

About us

The association “Blue and White, not Brown“ was founded in December 2000 on the initiative of Karlsruhe Sports Club fans, to counteract right-wing extremism.

Purposes of the association:

• to campaign for tolerance and non-violence among football fans,
• to prevent political extremists, especially right-wing extremists, from influencing football fans. Above all, young football fans should be saved from falling into the sphere of influence of violent or xenophobic groups,
• to tackle any form of xenophobia and discrimination against minorities presently existing among football fans. The association aims to analyse the fan culture, in order to detect and reveal any anti-minority tendencies, and to act against them. This includes anti-minority songs, chants and gestures.
• to contribute to the development of a culture among football fans which is defined by a desire for fair competition, in particular an attitude of tolerance and non-violence.
• to cooperate with similarly minded associations in other regions, in order to arrange meetings of football fans which are free of violence and intolerance.

The association seeks to achieve its aims by:
• cultural events (stage play on the theme of youth violence)
• informative meetings on right-wing extremism in Baden-Württemberg
• petition against violence and intolerance in the stadium …

Stefan Stoll is on the committee of „BLAU-WEISS statt BRAUN e.V..”

On request, we can offer other net participants advice, make a presentation, and pass on up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.