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Afretech Aid Society

Furthering Education Through Giving

7693 Garfield Dr.
V4C 4E6 Delta, BC

Contact person: Kyle Sue



  • Aid for developing countries
  • Educational policy/project
  • Aid organization
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Afretech Aid Society is a Canadian charity, which has been registered as a charity since 2000. Afretech provides the poorest rural African schools with the educational resources they need. Recycled textbooks, library books, encyclopedias, and computers find a new life in these Third World schools. Our shipments have the potential to transform struggling schools into true institutions of learning. Afretech volunteers also provide technical training in computers so that African teachers and students will have the skills they will need for the future in this increasingly competitive world.

Afretech collects discarded texts, library books, and other school supplies, sorts them and boxes them for shipment to Africa. Additionally, donated computers are checked out, extra RAM added where appropriate, and suitable donated software included where possible. The resulting shipments contain truly valuable resources capable of transforming struggling schools into institutions of learning.

In the past year we have also contributed computers for hospitals, clinics, schools in the Congo, Liberia, and the Philippines as part of Rotary World Help Network container shipments.
• Ghana Scholarship Program: Working with the Ghana –Canada Association we have provided educational resources to schools and hospitals in Ghana. Now, working with Kwantlen University, we are starting a scholarship program for students in Ghana to allow bright, needy student to attend high school.
Zanzibar / Tanzania:
• Machui: 19 volunteers spent two weeks offering eye care clinics to the local community and all near-by schools. Afretech handled the logistics, working with the local Rotary on publicity, arranging transport of the team and supplies, and arranging accommodation etc.
• Jambiani: We included 24 boxes of educational resources in the Kamloops firefighters’ shipment which was distributed to local schools by them last year.
• Tujifunze School Project: Afretech has supplied a complete computer lab and educational resources (texts and reading materials) to this remote school in the north of Tanzania.
• St. Judes, Arusha: We provide scholarships to students.
• Mutoko Project: The goal of this project was to install computers into Mutoko High School, provide access to the worldwide web, and link these African students with their Canadian counterparts.
• Imbale: Constructed and equipped a new computer facility, established a clinic next to the local school to provide medical assistance to students and the surrounding community.
• Emmanuel Boyz Rescue Centre (EBRC): EBRC provides a safe place for boys aged four to eighteen who have been living on the street. Here the boys receive an education and skills training. We have sent the resources allowing them to set up both a library and computer lab. Additionally we help provide the basics: food, shelter, and clothing.
• Ol Pejeta AIDS Awareness Project
• And so on… .

Kyle Sue is the Webmaster of the Afretech Aid Society.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.