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Interkulturelles Zentrum Haus Babylon

Klausdorfer Str.8
12629 Berlin

Contact person: Mekonnen Shiferaw

+49 (0)30 99 858 91
+49 (0)30 99 893 20


  • Antiracism, policy of integration
  • Educational policy/project

About us

”Babel” is a non-profit organisation based in Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Germany, which has been working in the field of inter-cultural activities since 1992.

An important focus of our activities is working with children and juveniles, where we endeavour to break down prejudices and confront right-wing extremism and racism. We hope to convey aspects of inter-cultural cohabitation. Our aim is that through mediation, contact and encounters, young people from various backgrounds develop the ability to have a lively and conflict-free exchange of cultural experiencies.

Core areas:
• Conflict management in the intercultural context, including tolerance and anti-aggression training
• Intercultural competence training (Anti-Bias-Training)
• Combatting right wing extremism in Germany

These activities are backed up by the Marzahn documentary and advice centre for democratic intervention against right wing extremism, xenophobia, racism, antisemitism and anything which endangers democracy. This centre has various media on hand to support the projects.

Babel maintains various working contacts both inside and outside the area, has sustained cooperation with schools and other institutions concerned with education, social and youth work, and is an intrinsic part of the local intercultural network.

Projects include:
• Intercultural school project “Babylon”: The development of social decision making and responsibility, tolerance, acceptance and respect for other cultures and ways of life.
• Specialist counseling for intercultural work
• School project “Excursions”: visits to, and group talks in, various religious establishments associated with different world religions; guided tours of Berlin, centring on increasing tolerance.
• Intercultural Youth Advisory Board
• “The Travel Bugs”: anti-racism phantasy journeys for children throughout the world
• International Youth Encounters: Aims of these meetings are overcoming prejudices, achieving an atmosphere of equality, finding things in common, strengthening Europeanism and the creation of individual tolerance. Young people from Hungary, Italy, Poland and Germany look into the specific problems in their own countries.
• Emigrant project “Teremuk”: Pre-school children from 4 – 7 learn arithmetic and to read and write Russian.
• “Drums of Babylon”: courses in the fine arts, musical instrument playing and singing, for children and juveniles.
• Project Read and Write: language lessons

Dr. Mekonnen Shiferaw is the President of BABEL.

On request we can offer other net paricipants advice, give a presentation, and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.