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Annamrita - ISKCON Food Relief Foundation

19, Jaywant Industrial Estate, 63, Tardeo Road
400 034 Mumbai

Contact person: Dilzad Khariwalla

022 23531530


  • Aid organization
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About us

ISKCON Food Relief Foundation is a not-for-profit, non-religious, non-sectarian public charitable trust formed on April 23, 2004.
ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF) believes in providing children with the right nutrition to support their education.
IFRF´s annamrita program is based on the belief that ´you are what you eat´. Therefore one nutritious meal a day brings thousands of children to school. You can help every child in this country get an education, if you donate that one wholesome meal. Presently we cater over 12,00,000 meals everyday from our 20 kitchen centers across 8 states.

We strive to serve food to children, with the same love and devotion that otherwise their mother would have provided. Imbued with a spiritual ambience in our hi-tech kitchens, the khichdi prepared satisfies and nourishes, not just on the physical level but also on a spiritual level. The only meal that is truly satiating is the one that feeds the stomach, mind and soul alike. At annamrita, we provide the child that important one meal of the day which not only feeds his stomach, but also feeds his soul with the zeal to achieve his full potential.

A majority of the population in India is still unable to get at least one complete square meal for the day, only because they are stuck in the vicious circle of poverty and illiteracy. Annamrita has resolved to liberate the underprivileged from this vicious cycle by serving children with sanctified and nutritious food. We aim to provide the children with satvik ahaar that helps them with the right nutrition in their formative years.

Hunger And Education
In the long run, education is the key to solving the problem of hunger. It empowers an individual to work with society to fulfill one´s needs and aspirations. Hence few educated people go hungry. Yet, hunger is a stumbling block for education for poor children and locks them into a vicious cycle: hunger and poverty obstructs education as they are forced to drop out of school and take up menial jobs. Lack of education curtails opportunities for development. Since they are not able to develop themselves, they remain hungry and poor. The Mid-day meal program aims to liberate them from this vicious cycle.

Dilzad Khariwalla is the Marketing Manager of Annamrita - ISKCON Food Relief Foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.