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Action five e.V. Bonn

für internationale Verantwortung und Entwicklung

Schevastesstr. 53
53229 Bonn

Contact person: Gebauer Dr., Peter

+49 228/4103342


  • Aid for developing countries

About us

Action five e.V. is an association which deals with development policy, has been existing since 1977 and supports independent, mostly small projects in various countries of the world. Action five e.V. is supported by approximately 100 donators. These donations are used for projects which are selected according to certain criteria. Down to the present day, projects in India, Sri Lanka, Latin America and Africa have been supported or are being supported. Due to the fact that the initiative of ones own is important for this association, it does not send any helpers to the projects but stays in contact through letters, e-mails and on the phone. It is important that every project is being introduced to action five and represented by someone personally who knows it from his own experience. In addition to that, action five knows all projects which have been supported over a major period of time from privately financed visits. The initiative for these projects does not come from action five, but from people on the spot who have ideas for regional further development.

Moreover, the association is active in public relations work and education work on a local level.
Why FIVE? - “FIVE” stands for the idea to support self-help projects in development regions symbolically by bringing in 5 percent of one’s income or one’s time. The interdependence of people makes is necessary to take up responsibility and to contribute to reciprocal development.
Therefore, the motto of the work of action five is “Für Internationale Verantwortung und Entwicklung” (for international responsibility and development).

We can give advice to other net participants on the subject "cooperation in the field of development", we can give a lecture and arrange for up-to-date specialist information.