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Determined to Develop (D2D)

PO Box 135
Chilumba, Karonga district

Contact person: Matt Maroon

+(265)992674255; +1(440)3642929


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Determined to Develop (D2D) is a charity registered in the United States as a tax-deductible organization working in Malawi, Africa. D2D was founded in 2009 as a means to assist the people of Malawi, Africa.

Our mission
To empower the people of Malawi to implement sustainable, community-driven solutions that promote human advancement.

Education & Youth Support
• Youth Sponsorship
• Non-formal education: Initiatives, which focus on youth issues and the development of soft skills. For example our Female Youth Empowerment Program (FYEP), which targets young females at local primary and secondary schools, in an attempt to tackle the inequality in access to education between males and females.
• Nursery Schools: D2D currently supports four local nursery schools, including provision of resources; support for management committees; administrative guidance and support; feeding programs and infrastructure.
• Primary and Secondary Schools: Support at the primary schools is through activities such as feeding programs, provision of materials, and infrastructure projects. We provide ongoing support to Khwaha CDSS, and have completed such projects as building a school block of two classrooms, donating several school supplies including lab equipment, educational books, and file cabinets. We recently also secured the installation and connection of electricity to Khwawa school campus and staff houses.
• Wasambo High School: D2D is engaging in its first major independent construction project of a new high school in Malawi.
Women Empowerment
• Livelihoods: D2D currently runs two separate Women´s Revolving Goat Projects and supports the groups to establish an Income Generating Activity (IGA), and lead community development initiatives. The project also consists of providing and initiating a small store to serve as an outlet for the goods produced through the women´s groups IGAs.
• Adult Education: We run adult literacy lessons focusing on reading and writing in the national language of Malawi, Chichewa. These lessons employ a local teacher, and are run three times a week.
Health and Nutrition
• Health Support: D2D has a health support fund for people in the village. This allows people from the local community to come to us when they have health issues and we can help with the provision of medication, helping to take patients to clinics and transporting bodies for funerals.
• Feeding Program: The school-feeding program provides a nutritious meal of fortified porridge to students. The ingredients are given to Mother´s Groups who cook and distribute porridge to the children.
• Reforestation Project: D2D´s Environmental Program focuses on reforestation, as the high rate of cutting down trees is a pressing environmental issue in Sangilo village. The Sangilo Reforestation Project has been running since 2011, when approximately 5,000 trees were planted. We have established a tree nursery and we run the project in collaboration with the Malawi Forestry Commission who provide seeds and offer expert advice. The planting of trees is complemented by wider education projects, which aim to spread awareness about the impact of deforestation, particularly at a local level.

Matt Maroon is the Founder and Executive Director of Determined to Develop (D2D).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.