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Förderverein für Schulpartnerschaften in der Einen Welt e. V.

Neues Gymnasium Oldenburg, Alexanderstraße 90
26121 Oldenburg

Contact person: Anke Zimmer (1. Vorsitzende), Marie-Corentine Sandstede

+49 (0)441/9837110
+49 (0)441/9837115


  • Aid for developing countries
  • Educational policy/project

About us

Boumdoudoum is a school twinning project between the New Gymnasium Oldenburg and a village school in Burkina Faso (Africa), which began in 2004.
The sponsoring association Boumdoudoum was founded in 2007 to support the work of the Boumdoudoum Society, but also to support other development aid projects in the New Gymnasium Oldenburg.

Our chief goal is to enable every child in the village of Boumdoudoum to have a primary school education, which gives them the prospect of job training. The task of the Society and the Sponsoring Association is, among other things, to raise funds eg by numerous campaigns, charity events, participation in competitions, sponsors and donations.

Families, the Society and the Sponsoring Association are now supporting 35 young people attending further education institutions: Collège d’enseignement général (10) Collège d’enseignement professionnel (9) Lycée d’enseignement professionnel (3) Job training (13). We cover all costs, and in return the young people undertake to work hard, so as not to have to repeat a year. In addition, they are required to keep in regular contact with their sponsors.

Current projects in the school are, for example:
• Equipping the three newly-built classrooms.
• Protecting and caring for the trees in the school yard, planted in 2007.
• Providing drainage for the school yard, as well as continuing to improve the irrigation system.
• Building a second rainwater tank.
• Planting over the grounds of the multifunctional building, completed in 2009, including shade trees.
• Extending the supply of books in the school library in the multifunctional building, providing Burkinabe / African books for children and juveniles.
• Tending the school garden.

Current projects in the village of Boumdoudoum and the Baskouré community:
• Financing a literacy course for villagers.
• Continuing to provide micro-credits to facilitate startups or development of small enterprises.
• Developing the irrigation system for the women's garden in Balmin (0.5 ha).
• Partial financing of a „Dalots“ (bridge over a river on the Boumdoudoum earth road to Baskouré, the community centre).
• Supporting the „Centre de santé“ (Health Centre) with donations of medical equipment and care products.

Further aims:
• school supplies, sports equipment and technical equipment eg battery driven CD player for the 10 who are in primary schools round Baskouré.
• Health care for school pupils: combatting malaria among school children.
• Greater provision of solar powered lamps for learning at home.
• Electricity supply for the multifunctional building, by means of a voltaic plant.
• More efficient use of rainwater for watering the vegetable garden.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.

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