Netzkraft Movement


Niesenmattweg 9
3110 Münsingen

Contact person: Minder, Julieta

+41 317218841
+41 317220675


  • Aid for developing countries
  • Peace politics
  • Human rights
  • Overnight facilities

About us

Club UNESCO Berne originates from the conviction that the ideal of human rights has to be cultivated further and further, is was founded at the instigation of Julieta Minder, who is the president. After years of observation, studies and experience of sensitization in a field of the human rights of our society, the result is as follows: there is work, even in Switzerland!

We suggest to be a place of further education with the objective: lasting development, protection of the patrimony of culture and nature, international solidarity, culture of peace, and fraternity.

Info-H is an association which was created to realize the project "a view on people like you and me " and which got the patronage of the National Commission of Switzerland for the UNESCO.

Objective: Best-possible integration of the disabled in our societies.

Means: Travelling photo exhibition to distribute a dignified image, distribution of the declaration of Salamanque, colloquiums, sensitization, articles in the media ...

The project was conceived by Julieta Minder, a photographer, a sociologist by profession, mother of one child, bearer of the Down Syndrome, socially committed, in particular for disadvantaged children, experience in South America as well.

Languages: French, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian, English.

After prior agreement, I can offer other net participants overnight accommodations. I can give expert advice and give a lecture, communicate specialist information and arrange for contacts in the fields of human rights, development aid, minorities, North-South-relationships, disabled.