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Centro de Investigación y Promoción de los Derechos Humanos


Colonia Rubén Darío, Calle Real de Minas, Apartado Postal 3829

Contact person: Acevedo, Javier

+504 232-3553, +504 232-0875, +504 232-3519
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  • Human rights
  • Media project

About us

CIPRODEH is a non-profit NGO, politically neutral, founded in 1989 and officially recognised by the State of Honduras with Civil Rights Certificate no.182-91. Its aim is to facilitate access to objective information concerning human rights in Honduras and therefore provides a room for the dissemination and exchange of ideas, news and opinions. Here you can find information about the activities of the NGO, news summaries regarding the situation of human rights in Honduras as well as a systematic overview of the activities of the National Congress of the Republic with regard to law enactments and reforms, with the aim of achieving greater civil participation.

Strategic objectives

- Civil participation in development processes in a democracy of codetermination, increased defence of human rights by effective dialogue between each social sector and each government body.
- Conducting court cases which enable knowledge and skills to lead to action within the various social sectors to comply with the economic, social and cultural rights regarding the definition and application of public political measures at both state and local level.
- Contributing to the development of policies guaranteeing an effective reaction of the legal system to the demand for general protection of human rights and a legally effective solution to social conflicts, by granting the populace better legal opportunities.
- The recognition of CIPRODEH as an organization for the advancement and investigation of human rights, of what it achieves through the formulation and implementation of plans which should guarantee institutional sustainability with the prospect of a better future.

On request we can offer other net participants: advice, lectures, up-to-date information, assistance with contacts within the area of our work.