Netzkraft Movement

Buerger Begehren Klimaschutz e.V. (BBK)

Greifswalder Straße 4; Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte
10405 Berlin

Contact person: Claudia Löhle

+49 (0)30 - 92 25 09 19


  • Environmental organization
  • Environmental project
  • Educational policy/project

About us

Citizens Demand Climate Protection (BBK) is a non profit-making organisation, founded in 2008. Our aim is to push through nationwide measures for climate protection by means of public demands and decisions, BBK sees itself as an umbrella organisation, inviting independent initiatives, societies and associations as well as unions of the democratic parties to make use of what we can offer.

Our objectives are the protection of the environment and of climate and the promotion of civil and political involvement by:
• Informing, advising, educating and supporting people who wish to influence public decision-making using direct democratic means.
• publicising and distributing the aims of climate and environment protection e.g. by publications and events.

Grassroots involvement at many locations should lead to a nationwide civil movement, having climate protection as its aim.
BBK selects particular practical issues which are a) meaningful and b) can be influenced by citizens' decisions, e.g.
• communal control of the national grid and the future of electricity
• increased use of renewable energy
• prevention of the building of new coal-fired power stations
• promotion of climate-friendly mobility e.g. preventing the construction or enlargement of regional airports
• local building regulations to protect the climate e.g. obligation to provide solar power in buildings

What we offer
• We make up “action packets” on selected local climate protection measures – things which can be achieved by citizens' decisions – and offer them to interested parties.
• We provide background information and procedure documentation, which can be found at no cost on our website.
• We also give personal advice and mediate with experts, appraisers, lawyers etc.
• We document the work of climate protection initiatives and publicise it.

• BBK campaigns for the municipalisation of Berlin's energy supplies
• The citizen's action group “Clean Energy Aachen” demands that Aachen's public utility services pull out of their cooperation with the Krefeld coal-fired power station.
• Dachau citizen's action group “Anti Coal Power”
• BBK supports citizens' demands for windparks
• Local group opposing the building of the planned anthracite-fired power station near Arneburg
• BBK supports the campaign for an opinion poll regarding the coal-fired power station in Dörpen.

Claudia Löhle advises on citizens' demands at BBK, is responsible for publicity work and is the Branch Manager.

On request, we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.