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Community Forum (COFO)

Dyeratu, Chikwawa

Contact person: Joshua Adrian Malunga

+265888451874; +265999451874


  • Educational policy/project
  • Environmental project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.


Our aim is to connect volunteers to projects across community in Chikwawa district –Malawi focusing mainly on young people’s education, development and health. Choose which of these projects you would like to go. We would like in future to add more community and projects on this list but we first want to be able to go there ourselves and make sure that each project we promote, we ourselves have already experienced.
We would not want to connect you to project that we ourselves are not 100% sure about.
We believe in building long lasting relationships with the projects and communities we work with therefore our ethos is to be as honest and as transparent as possible. We have vetted each organisation and are confident that you would have an amazing time.

About us

Community Forum (COFO) is not for profit grass root organization which works to contribute towards community driven approach for sustainable development through interventions in women and girls rights promotion, education, health, gender and skills enhancement.
COFO is a local organisation based in Chikwawa district established in 2018 and working in agriculture (agripreneurs/permaculture), health, HIV/AIDS, sports, education, volunteerism and SRHR.

Our mission is to challenge socio-economic inequalities and assist in navigating the vulnerable populations in Chikwawa district toward self-reliance.

The vision is to build a community where all citizens have the opportunity for a high quality of life, including but not limited to high standards of education, gender equality, agro-ecology (climate action), arts and sports, health (HIV/AIDS, SRHR), youth, volunteerism and entrepreneurship.

Our objectives
• To create sustainable capacity and support mechanisms within and between communities.
• To promote dialogue, debate and change in beneficiary communities.
• To promote formal and informal education and trainings.
• To instill a new culture of entrepreneurship, especially among the rural masses.
• To amplify community participation for better improves of healthcare (HIV/AIDS, SRHR, and SGBV), treatment and support.

Currently we are implementing the following projects:
• Sports for Change – COFO uses sports to create a far-reaching platform for disseminating and normalizing information on women and girls’ empowerment and education awareness as well as the prevention of HIV/AIDS.
• Agro-Ecology/Permaculture – COFO promotes agro-ecology to tackle poverty in rural communities in Chikwawa by empowering subsistence farmers with the knowledge and technology to produce more reliable and more profitable harvest using a simple and cheap innovative system within their homes. Community Forum sure that the communities are reached with the right information and skills making sure that people are engaged in active health life styles by producing their own food using sustainable agriculture models such as the use of green manure, compost manure, soil management, and biological methods of pest management.
• Climate Change and Women Empowerment – Made of cloth and recycled foam, a Ecobag is a simple but revolutionary, non-electric slow-cooker that saves up to 80% of the fuel needed to cook food and hours spent gathering fuel and cooking each day. Community Forum through this project assists women in finding meaningful long-term employment through the training of females to increase their skills and job opportunities with a sewing collective that produces eco-friendly slow cookers, called Ecobags and eco-friendly.
• Community Outreach – COFO conducts community meetings and follow-ups to raise awareness and increase knowledge on HIV/AIDS, education and SRHR.

Joshua A. Malunga is the Founder and Programs Manager of Community Forum (COFO).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Creating the Voice of Community