Netzkraft Movement

Bundesverband Solarmobil e.V. - BSM

Reifenberg 85
91365 Weilersbach

Contact person: Reichel, Roland

+49 9194/8900
+49 9194/4262


  • Ecological research/futurology
  • Environmental project
  • Environmental organization

About us

The "Bundesverband Solarmobil e.V. - BSM" (Federal Association Solar mobile) supports the environmental protection actively by using solar energy for the mobility on land, at sea and in the air. The association supports science and research and it is charitable.

Main activities:

· activities around solar mobility with cars, scooters and bicycles, with boats and ships, with railways and with airplanes and similar things
· organization work, exchange of information among each other and with other associations and groups, lobby work
· publications, magazines, internet and other things, lectures, seminars
· distribution of informative material
· trade shows and exhibitions (special show: solar mobility)
· annual International German Solar Mobile Championship
· electricity filling station for events
· Park & Charge Organization in Germany
· standards and specifications in the field of solar-electric mobility

Mr. Roland Reichel is the chairman of the executive board of the association.

We offer informative material on the above mentioned topics, we can arrange for specialist contacts, we can give expert advice and lectures.