Netzkraft Movement

Contraste - Verein zur Förderung von Selbstverwaltung und Ökologie e.V.

Schönfelder Str. 41 A
34121 Kassel

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  • Alternative economy
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Media project

About us

The association publishes the monthly magazine CONTRASTE, an information forum which has been appearing since 1984 and which deals with subjects about self-administration, ecology and related subjects. 40 men and women of action compile the contents, they edit themselves, they set types and print the magazine which costs ? 4,50.

Up-tp-date news about left-wing subjects belong to the contents just as reports about fair dealing with the Third World or the introductions of books and other information brochures. With its work and the publishing of the newspaper, Contraste tries to strengthen the self-administration and thus the economic independence of people. Apart from that, Contraste publishes the "BUNTE SEITEN" (colourful pages) the only list of addresses of the alternative movement. With this list of addresses we want to give a current view on the manifold landscape of projects in the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition to that, there is also the "Reader der Alternativ-Medien" (reader of the alternative media) which contains all magazines that are known to us with information about the degree of their distribution, intervals of appearance, number of pages, prices and main subjects, respectively demands. This reader is completed by a view on video and film groups as well as independent radios.

About 12,000 addresses were chosen, mainly self-organized projects and companies with particular political and economical claims. Their common ground is their particular commitment in the field of society, culture, environment, peace, women's affairs, or even international matters. The "BUNTE SEITEN" are compiled by an active network of people and these movements.

With the monthly appearing magazine CONTRASTE we offer a forum of description of oneself for groups who made the self-organization and self-administration a habit.