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buntkicktgut - IG Initiativgruppe e.V.

interkulturelle Straßenfußball-Ligen München

Ganghoferstraße 41
80339 München

Contact person: Julian Buning

+49-(0)89-510861-12; +49-(0)177-72 52 072


  • Antiracism, policy of integration
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

buntkicktgut is a project aimed at intercultural understanding and in its present form and dimension is an example of organised street football unique in Europe,
The initiative has set itself the aim of giving young people from different cultural and national origins a sensible and healthy leisure activity and to give them the opportunity of social and cultural learning. Through the medium of football, social skills and life skills are conveyed in a playful way, by active participation, the assumption of responsibility in the organization, conflict management, and presentation.

The idea for buntkicktgut, the Munich Intercultural Street Football League, evolved in 1997 from care work with children and adolescents in Munich accommodation centres for civil war refugees and asylum seekers.
"Football was the only thing they knew," says co-founder and project director Rüdiger Heid, and: "Where speechlessness prevails, football is a medium that is not reliant on language. " Understanding comes from gestures, facial expressions, body language."
From selective care measures in refugee centres, the idea of this successful and award-winning integration and prevention project has developed organically since 1997. From the outset, the emphasis was on a preventive approach to violence and delinquency and this remains the conceptual core of our work.
Five themes leading to the success and violence prevention effect of buntkicktgut
• Competition and a competitive attitude
• Identity, Identification, Integration
• communication in an intercultural context
• peer group and "Alpha Team"
• Structured participation

• Street football work - Intensive support of street football teams at the district level and the continuation of the current approach under the motto "Show us your stadium"
• "FC Interculturale" - the national team of buntkicktgut
• Break'n Ball: ball artistry meets breakdance - in their show, artists of buntkicktgut demostrate a unique combination of these two youth styles
• Buntkicker: A street football magazine by youth for youth
• work with refugees: "refugees on the ball " – the football field as a safe area - soccer training for young refugees with the street football workers of buntkicktgut
• Sport & development
• "buntkicktgut builds bridges": identity and development through culture and street football: Togo – buntkickgut has been involved in the intercultural street football leagues in the city of Sokodé in Togo, West Africa, since 2010.

Julian Buning is responsible for coodination, the buntkicktgut nework, development and external communication.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts.