Netzkraft Movement

Christlicher Friedensdienst e.V.

Löwengasse 27 Haus C
60385 Frankfurt/M.

Contact person:

+49 (0)69 981 919 57
+49 69-461213


  • Antiracism, policy of integration
  • Human rights
  • Peace politics
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The "cfd" (Christian peace service) is a nationwide union of people who try to build bridges of understanding and to ease desperate situations, in particular those that were caused and are caused by human guilt. The central request of the "cfd" is to reduce natural and cultural prejudice and concepts of an enemy in the heads of people and to promote reciprocal tolerance. As a recognized sponsor of the liberal organization for support of young people, the "cfd" organizes its own workcamps in Germany and finds places for young people in workcamps of the "cfd" partner organizations in more than 35 countries. The international meetings shall make it possible - in particular for young people - to get to know and to experience different cultures and social systems, to promote the critical analysis of their own cultural ideas and encourage a communication on cultural standards and differences.

Further important keypoints of the "cfd" are to find and to look after the medium-term and long-term volunteers in the Europe of the European Community and in former Yugoslavia as well as the direct support of projects in Latin America and Eastern Europe.

The "cfd" maintains an office in Francfort/Main with several fulltime collaborators. The highest organ of the "cfd" is the annual general meeting. It determines the guidelines of the work of the association, the financial expenditure and votes for the executive committee. The complete work of the "cfd" in terms of its content is done by volunteers in five working groups who meet regularly at various places.

We can give lectures on our work, arrange for corresponding contacts and give expert advice.