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Alimón e.V.

Akazienweg 3
41372 Niederkrüchten

Contact person: Anne Lummerich


  • Women's policy
  • Environmental project
  • Aid for developing countries

About us

The non-profit organisation Alimón, founded in 2006, campaigns for equal rights for men and women – particularly in Latin American countries. Our journey towards that goal leads us past the realisation of sustainable development projects.

The term `al alimón´ is Spanish and means together, hand in hand. That is precisely the basic idea of Alimón: support for the indigenous peoples in the further development of their social and natural environment – not as their superiors, but as partners.

About 50% of the people in Peru live below the poverty line, mainly in the provinces in the Andes highlands. Peru’s coastal area is among the driest in the world, with an average annual rainfall of 10mm.

It was against this background that the biologists Dr. Kai Tiedemann and Anne Lummerich initiated the project “Green Desert”, in which the moisture from fog is used to water reafforestation areas, especially of native trees.

“Green Desert” contributes to the reafforestation of the arid hills near the coast of Lima. The creation of plantations of productive trees is a source of income, especially for women.

“Green Desert” has two interrelated components:

I. Reafforestation
So-called fog collectors, which are large plastic nets, are placed on the hilltops. They act as substitutes for woodland, by catching droplets of water from the fog in their mesh. The water is led into reservoirs and used to irrigate drought resistant trees. When these have reached a height of over 1 m they are able to irrigate themselves from the fog precipitation. The taller ones serve as additional, natural fog-collectors. A fog collector can catch up to 600 litres of water a day.

II. Irrigation
The water collected by the fog collectors and by the trees is led down from the hills to water the village fields and also to contribute to Peru’s supply of drinking water.

On request we can offer other net participants up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.