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Cameroon Association for the Protection and Education for the Child


BP 20646

Contact person: Bekaku, Ajomuzu Collette

+237 7751606
+237 2209003


  • Human rights
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Overnight facilities
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

CAPEC is a non-governmental organisation (NGO), based in Cameroon and work in all the Provinces of Cameroon. It was born in the year 2002-2003 and since its inception the organisation is working with chiefs, the clergy, teachers, children and parents. CAPEC works to identify the needs and meets the aspirations of the rural poor, the underprivileged and weaker sections of the society through participatory approaches. Awareness raising, community health care, child labour prevention, elimination and rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS awareness, income generating activities, women and child development programmes. The organisation has initiated activities on the prevention of child labour in more than 15 schools around the Kumba municipality.

Objectives of the organisation:

- Make known the rights of the child and to protect them through education as prescribed by UN convention on the rights of the child.
- Assist the needy child irrespective of tribe, origin, sex or religion in the domain of social welfare.
- Assist in eliminating child labour, sexual exploitation and female genital mutilation.
- Assist children in confinement like prisons and rehabilitation institutions.
- Monitor human rights and abuse against the child.
- Promotion of health and education.

For other net participants we can offer overnight facilities. In the fields of human rights esp child and youths, community development, material support to poor rural children in Cameroon we are able to give an expert opinion and deliver a lecture. We are willing to support organisations which want to carry out development in Cameroon.