Netzkraft Movement

Counselling and Family Life Organization (CAFLO)

P.O.BOX 79039; Mtambani-faru street; Kwa Simba Market, Vingunguti ward, Ilala municipality
Dar Es Salaam

Contact person: Emmanuel Ngazi

+255754833145, +255715373153, +255713837891


  • Commune, community project
  • Educational policy/project
  • Human rights
  • Overnight facilities
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

We envision a vibrant society of people living peacefully, healthily and with a better quality of life through socio-economic development and respecting human rights. Our efforts target those who are most vulnerable and impoverished, with a strong focus on children, youth and women. We provide support through community education, counselling and fostering economic well being through capacity skills education for self-reliability resulting in improved quality of life and substantial community changes. Our current Action Programs within the community are our Community Education and Development program (CED), Counselling and Development Program (CDP) and Research and Documentation Program (RDP).

Our Community Education Development program is dedicated to making sustainable changes in the community through addressing problems at their source – lack of knowledge. If we can sensitize and educate people in our communities about health and preventing the spread of disease, life skills for self-sustainability, advocating for each other’s rights as humans, and training our youth to take control of their future, we can create foundational changes to better people’s quality of life permanently. We work to promote the following knowledge within Tanzania’s communities through public education events, formal seminars and workshops, peer focus groups and door to door outreach efforts:
• Afya Njema (Good Health) – HIV/AIDS, TB, Nutrition, Sex education
• Capacity Building Skills Training – Special focus on women and youth
• Youth Action – Peer Education, Formal Education Empowerment, Youth Ambassadors
• Human Rights Advocacy – Stopping Gender Based Violence, Disabled Empowerment

Our counselling programs are focused on providing community members with a safe place to discuss and resolve problems, obtain help with decision making, cope with crises, work through feelings/inner conflicts, and improve relationships with others through communication and understanding. Our counselling is available to anyone who wishes to participate, but we focus strongly on providing services for those in vulnerable or risky positions such as those who have been abused, truant youth, drug abusers, those affected by disease and sex workers.
• Domestic Violence and Crisis Counselling
• HIV/AIDS Counselling
• Orphans and Vulnerable Children Counselling

CAFLO performs surveys to evaluate community needs in comparison to our program efforts in order to provide the most effective services. Through CED events and CDP clients we evaluate current community knowledge, needs and opinions directly from the populace, and collect information that can be used to develop more effective future projects. This data helps us to determine the most critical problems facing the community and what approaches we can take to overcome them. Collecting this data over time allows us to evaluate the impact of our efforts and see patterns in the community, as well as record and share knowledge of the most effective practices for certain issues.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff, and give an expert opinions, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.