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Bright Kid Foundation

P.O.Box 5842, Johannesburg 2000, 1st Floor, 35 Siemert Street,
South Africa

Contact person: Nicholas Jaff

+27 11 402 7145
+27 11 404 1321


  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Bright Kid Foundation, founded in 2000, is a non profit organization which converts containers into fully equipped preschool classrooms where children can realise their full potential in a nourishing and stimulating environment.
In 1999 the Mandela Children’s Fund distributed 1000 of our toys to teachers throughout South Africa. We included a feedback form. One teacher wrote: "We love the toys but I’m teaching in a shack. Please send us a school!.”

Those words inspired us to see how we could grant her wish. The Edutainer is an innovative and practical way to address the problem of scarce, inferior early childhood education in South Africa. The Edutainer is a 12 meter container which is converted, fitted with windows and doors, insulated, electrified, furnished, and then delivered to a community and installed on prepared concrete foundations. The Edutainer is plentifully stocked with carefully selected books, teaching aids, and educational toys. The Edutainer provides a safe and productive learning environment for up to twenty-five children. Edutainers are usually used as pre-schools for five to six year olds in impoverished areas where there are no existing preschool facilities or those that are available are substandard at best. Since 2000 we have converted over 100 shipping containers into fully functional pre-schools and delivered Edutainers throughout Africa.

The Bright Kid Foundation; an association not for gain in terms of section 21, was formed to facilitate the delivery of Edutainers throughout South Africa.
The Edutainer Project relies on co-operation between Bright Kid Foundation, early childhood development Non Government Organizations (NGO's ), donors and teachers. Bright Kid Foundation works with all major early childhood development NGOs in South Africa.

The Bright Kid Foundation believes that every child in South Africa has a right to quality pre-school education in a safe and learner-friendly environment, with access to educational toys and books that encourage an optimal learning experience, supervised by a trained teacher.

Bright Kid Foundation aims to supply Edutainer pre-school classrooms and Edutainer educational toy libraries to as many needy communities as our donations permit.

For other net participants we can give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

ABI Bekkersdal delivery
ABI Bekkersdal Edutainer long view
Children inside Edutainer Eldorado park 2
Coca-Cola Qua Qua Thusong Edutainer full front with children
Mantag Certificate affixed to Edutainers 1
ZC Queenstown Hackney Edutainer in rural area