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Sanna´s Foundation for the Needy (SFN)

P.O.Box 2038; Sukuta Village Greater Banjul area
00220 Serekunda

Contact person: Hamza Cham

+220-7889791 / 3127672 / 7710822 / 3416290 / 7507237


  • Aid for developing countries
  • Commune, community project
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.


Monthly Feed The Family: As part of our monthly activities, Alhamdulilah we where able to distribute some food items to some of our wonderful kids in and within Sukuta.

Our team has reached to the most needy and poor children to share our support and assistance to them in this trying period of time.

On behalf of the executive members of S. F. N, we thank all our donors and sponsors without whom this might not be possible.

Please let us stay safe and observe the social distancing as advice by our health institutions.

Together we will kick COVID-19 out of The Gambia

About us

Sanna´s Foundation for the Needy (SFN) is a registered non-profit organization. The foundation started formally as a community base charity in 2010 in Gambia. Since its inception, SFN has responded to several disasters and served number of victims in various affected communities.

We aim to relieve suffering caused by natural disaster and human conflict, promote peace and understanding, and strengthen people´s capacity to help themselves.

Our main activity was to provide feeding to the less privilege within the communities which is known as Feed the child Project. Soon, the foundation’s scope of operations expanded beyond to several sustainable human development projects and initiatives within the country such as: Educate a child, shelter for a child, among others.

Our Mission
• Is to serve disaster struck and socially disadvantaged individuals and families in the less fortunate communities in Gambia.
• To create greater awareness on child´s right, freedom to express their feelings and thoughts, social right and equality.
• To educate communities on family planning, drugs, child slavery, child labor and prostitution.
• To increase the number of school going children and implement governments efforts towards adult literacy.

• Educate a Child: Our main concern is to help and support those children to go back to school to start building for a better tomorrow. We also support schools from nursery to senior secondary level with school books, computers, tables, chairs, and other equipment´s.
• Feed The Child: In this project we provide feeding materials like rice, surge, cooking oil, milk, among others to the needy families within the communities across the Gambia.
• Water for the Kids: We provide home taps to some of those houses that can not afford it on their own. Many of the houses that has benefited through this project are today feeding them-self through gardening and other means.
• Gift for Health: Support of poor people to have access to proper health care and for the payment of their medical bills.
• Shelter for a Child: The foundation is spending tireless efforts to provide housing for those families that are in urgent need of shelter. We have build houses and carry out some renovation work on many of those homes affected either naturally or through human conflict.
• Clothing for the needy child,
• Electricity per every house

Hamza Cham is the Founder and President of Sanna´s Foundation for the Needy (SFN).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.