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Chance For Life Foundation

Bd. Timisoara nr 61, scara B, Ap 23, sector 6,

Contact person: Ioana Cucu

+40 21 413 3707


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Human rights
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Chance For Life Foundation, founded in 2000, is a non-governmental organization with the purpose of developing communities in Romania by supporting children and young people. Its social and educational campaigns challenge people to think differently; through programmes which offer emotional and social support for children and young people. Chance for Life forms the civic spirit of Romanians, contributing to enduring development of communities in our country.

The vision of Chance For Life is a society without discrimination, in which all the children can have equal chances; in which people assume their responsibilities for others who are less fortunate.

Our work
We offer support to children with high intellectual potential and to their disadvantaged families, and we also facilitate the social integration of young people with disabilities who are based in orphanages or are from families.
At the moment we are involved in multiple activities:
• educational campaigns, designed to change attitudes and behaviors of the children and their families;
• psychological counselling and professional orientation for families in disadvantaged environments;
• experience exchange and/or knowledge sharing between non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on matters such as social economy and ways and methods of how to intervene effectively in a community;
• local and national information campaigns regarding the learning and development needs of children and young people from different communities.

• Hope for Today: The programme aims at offering the chance to live normal life to a group of 21 institutionalized HIV-positive children and teenagers.
• The Sulina Scholarship: The programme focuses on providing support and guidance to 30 intellectually gifted children from Tulcea, Sulina county, who were born in families at high risk of social exclusion.

Some of the developed projects:
• Youth in Action is a program that wants to ensure a legal framework supporting the activities of non formal learning for young people. Some of the program objectives are to promote active citizenship among young people, development of solidarity and promote tolerance, support and mutual understanding and European cooperation between young people.
• ED.HO.C. – Educational Holiday Centre: Is a project supported by the Grundtvig Learning Partnership framework and wants to develop adult´s grow and learning, targeting to people working as educators, coordinators or trainers involved in the educational holiday centre design, as well as parents who decide to make their children to experience an educational holiday centre.
• European Voluntary Service for All (EVS4ALL): Chance for Life Foundation is one of the partners in the two-year european project EVS4ALL. With EVS4ALL we aim to take a first step towards the implementation of a "European Year of Volunteering for Everyone", as described in the manifesto "We are Europe! Manifesto for Rebuilding Europe from the Bottom Up".

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.