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Afrikahilfe Schondorf

Regional-Gruppe von "Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe - Dritte Welt e.V."

Julius-Lohmann-Weg 2
86938 Schondorf am Ammersee

Contact person: Ludwig Gernhardt

+49 (0)8192-8605
+49 (0)8192-8605


  • Educational policy/project
  • Aid for developing countries
  • Aid organization
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

German Africa Assistance Schondorf is a small campaign group offering development aid in East and South Africa. It was founded in 1986 by the married couple Adelheid and Ludwig Gernhardt, both teachers. During an extended study trip in the summer of 1985, they experienced the reality of Africa. This motivated them to take the initiative at home in Germany, to support some vocational training and social facilities in remote regions. They wanted to help especially needy children and young people by enabling them to go to secondary school and train for a job.

Our work
• Raising awareness and understanding of the people in Africa by means of talks, publicity and exhibitions, and by taking part in seminars and further education courses for teachers.
• Organising German-African school twinning and the placing of German young people and experts as volunteers in African establishments.
• Donations in kind: so far we have donated extensive hospital equipment, several vehicles, typewriters, c. 250 sewing machines, educational materials, sports equipment, bicycles and small machines.
• Constructing solar ovens, solar collectors, and biogas plants using local materials, to replace firewood, thus conserving the depleted tree population. Small hydro electric power plants have been installed as central power supplies, as well as pumps for wells, using photo-voltaic power.
• Grants for young people from poor backgrounds, mainly from families on small-scale farms, or orphans.
• Financing the building of a private day nursery in the Kwazu-Natal area, subsidising the running costs and thus making it possible to secure the services of a qualified kindergarten teacher.
• Taking part in the forestry programme of PADECO / Luwana
• Additional building work on the Madunda kindergarten; school library in the Madunda secondary school: helping to finance the building and providing books.
• Small hydro electric power plant for Lupingu in cooperation with “Afrikahilfe Franken” and "Licht für Afrika"
• 2.5 kilometer long drinking water pipeline for the Lupingu Dispensary and village
• Manda Subhospital: sanitary installations, water supply plant.
• Equipping science classrooms and building an administration block in the Masimbwe Techn.& Sec. School
• Advice on the building of a small hydro electric power plant in Lusala (Macheke-Falls)
• Encouraging tourism in the Ludewa District by providing maps, lists of places of interest and available accommodation, encouragement for local services, preparatiing and running study tours to Tanzania, from Kilimanjaro to the Ludewa district and to Mbamba Bay in the far south of the country.

Member of the, the Eine Welt Netzwerk Bayern, the Nord-Süd-Forum Landsberg and the North South Initiative.

Ludwig Gernhardt is the founder of German Africa Assistance Schondorf and in 2005 he received the Federal Cross of Merit (on ribbon) by order of the German President, for his services to German-Tanzanian understanding.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.