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AFIADI (Action for Integrated Approach to Development Initiative

Empowering vulnerable communities for a sustainable development

P. O. Box 10411, Kapeka

Contact person: Joseph Mussajawaza

+256 0414373911; +256 0752 631 440; +256 0754 638 040; +256 0781 585 223


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Action For Integrated Approach to Development Initiative (AFIADI) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental Christian relief development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, women families and disadvantaged communities to overcome poverty, disease and injustice (human rights). This organization was established/founded in the year 2008 by Joseph Musajjawaza.

Vision: Empowering vulnerable communities for a sustainable development.

Mission: To contribute to poverty alleviation towards sustainable development.

• To enhance economic empowerment through promoting food security of among orphans and other vulnerable children.
• To contribute towards improved community health through proper sanitation and disease control.
• To improve quality of education, culture and sports through talent development among rural communities.
• To provide psychosocial support and disseminate information related to HIV/ AIDS prevention, care and stigma eradication and special needs (elderly & disabled).
• To fight for women rights, and justice for disadvantaged families
• To engage, collaborate and partner with other key stakeholders to enable the organization achieve its goals.

What we do
• Women projects: AFIADI provides the capacity building program where we train women in communities how to promote the concept of self-help among target communities in order to contribute towards their own development and social well-being. This is a process through which women are mobilized to identify, understand and overcome the structural and underlying causes of under development. Skill training where they make art and craft products. Giving education to girl child. Introduction of entrepreneurship skills to women. Introduction of income generating projects into their groups of credit & savings. Introduction to knowledge concerning maternal health using the sensitizing and advocacy program.
• Agriculture: Agriculture is one of the major activities of AFIADI promoted in rural areas amongst the poor remote households. We look at agriculture as an economic empowerment through which families are able to meet their sustainable livelihoods. We promote subsistence farming among the local farmers. We do this through Agricultural skills training, entrepreneurship, credit and saving, growing of different types of food crops. We also intend to enable and motivate children and the youths to engage in agriculture.
• Orphan & Vulnerable Support Project: Over 250 children from less advantaged families have been provided with education scholarships in both formal & vocational training from 2007 to date in Nakaseke District
• Promoting access to Education: AFIADI focuses on activities that promote literacy rates among non school going children and school dropout through sensitization and capacity building programs on children, life skill training, child education sponsorship and other awareness programs. Afiadi will strive to improve the quality of education by equipping schools and educational centers; reforming the curriculum; ensuring the provision of teaching and learning materials; investing in teacher training and professional development; and providing cost-effective and efficient teacher supervision and support.
• Health: Health Programs: AFIADI works towards improving health situation of mainly children affected and infected by the HIV/ AIDS epidemic. Giving psychosocial support through counseling, training caregivers and the community. Capacity building at large on how to deal with children affected with diseases, malaria prevention and control. Improving hygiene and sanitation activities including care and support, family visits, community dialogue. Training of psycho-social counseling to reduce trauma and associated strains in internally displaced persons.
• Securing Livelihood: Introducing the construction of walls as a way of conserving water to change the standard of living. It has been giving out chicken projects to different women groups so that they improve on the standards of living. Introduction of horticulture project where we have been giving seedlings to community members so that they change their income status.

Joseph Musajjawaza is the Founder and Executive Director of Action For Integrated Approach to Development Initiative (AFIADI).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.