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Bundesverband für Umweltberatung bfub e.V.

Am Dobben 43 a
28203 Bremen

Contact person:

+49 (0)421/343400
+49 (0)421/70 70 109


  • Environmental project
  • Environmental organization

About us

The "Bundesverband für Umweltberatung e.V. (bfub) (confederation for environmental consultancy, registered association) is the association of environmental consultants who are working in municipalities, Churches, associations and other independent sponsors as well as in trade and commerce.

Environmental consultancy is an instrument for the promotion of the responsible and environmentally friendly acting of persons and groups in all parts of society. As if to say: "From knowledge to action", the environmental consultancy procures information which is important to the environment and develops concepts and strategies for its transfer into environmentally friendly acting. In doing so, it assumes the promotor function in the field of environmental protection and makes an effective contribution to preventive health protection, relief of the environment as well as avoidance of future redevelopment costs.

The confederation exercises the following tasks:

- Promotion of environmental consultancy, in particular by representation of the interests in environmental policy
- Job analysis and definition of special areas of responsibility, in particular development of compensation guidelines/professional fee recommendations, formulation of quality standards for training and further education of environmetanl consultants
- Central service centres for members of the confederation, among other things publication of investigations, handling of inquiries, carrying out of seminars
- Organization and promotion of projects and research plans
- Cooperation with partners from environmental consulting at home and abroad.

With the work described above, the bfub informs, supports and links up environmental consultants, waste consultants, environmental officers, energy consultants, housing consultants, food consultants, business ecologists, environment pedagogues and others more. Apart from that, the bfub publishes an information for its members "Umweltberatung im Dialog" (environmental consultancy under discussion). It appears every 2 months. A taster subscription free of charge is also available to non-members.