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  • Environmental organization
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Voices for Biodiversity's mission is to enhance conservation efforts by diversifying the biodiversity storytelling community

Our vision is a world where humanity and nature coexist in healthy ecological balance

Voices for Biodiversity is a boutique, nonprofit, media platform that publishes stories about people and nature. We provide a publication outlet for people from around the globe whose voices otherwise might not be heard — women, indigenous and local peoples, students, non-experts and more. We also welcome more seasoned published storytellers to our platform.

About us

Voices for Biodiversity (V4B) is an online conservation media magazine that shares the stories of people from around the globe in order to help all species survive and thrive together. Our community is a gathering place for those who believe that humanity’s health and well-being depend upon the health and well-being of other species. We use the ancient art of storytelling to connect people with each other, other species, and the natural world in our effort to stop biodiversity loss and arrest the sixth extinction of species. Our goal is to connect the human animal with the global ecosystem.

Do you have a story to share about human relationship with other species? Then join the Voices for Biodiversity (V4B) story-sharing community and be heard!

V4B focuses on sharing the voices of those who usually would not be heard: indigenous and local peoples, students, non-experts, and more. Anyone can submit content and be published. For those not sure of their capabilities in writing and other multimedia forms, V4B is able to assign an eco-reporter to help share your story.

Great stories — those that not only inform but also provoke, and inspire — are rare. V4B’s stories help readers answer these questions:

- How do my actions affect wildlife and biodiversity near me?
- What can I do to improve the world for other species?
- How can my story help connect the human animal with the global ecosystem?

V4B is neither fish nor fowl. The organization does not engage in on-the-ground conservation projects nor conservation journalism in the usual sense. Instead the goal is to empower those whose voices would usually not be heard so that they can speak out for other species and the environment. V4B has been awarded numerous accolades, including the New Mexico Press Women’s Award, the National Press Women’s Award, and the American Anthropological Association’s Anthropology in Media Award.

To help V4B help all species survive and thrive together you can:

- Contact Voices for Biodiversity about sharing a story
- Join the volunteer team
- Sign up for V4B’s newsletter

For other Netskraft participants we can tell your nonprofit’s story or tell the story of individuals you know about who are working to protect biodiversity. Contact:

African Women
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