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Cape Farewell

The Little Keep, Barrack Road, Dorchester
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  • Environmental project
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About us

Cape Farewell was conceived in 2001 to help communicate the science of climate change on a human scale through the lens of culture. For the past 10 years, Cape Farewell has provided a research platform for artists to engage with climate issues, embedding world-class artists with scientists undertaking field research on sailing expeditions to fragile environments. These expeditions have stimulated dialogue between science and art, and inspired the creation of artistic work that aims to provoke a shift in our thinking in a rapidly changing world.

Cape Farewell delivers an innovative programme of public engagement encompassing exhibitions, festivals, publications, digital media and film, working in partnership with other scientific and cultural organisations, to engage a wide audience with the climate challenge.
As the climate agenda evolves, the range and impact of Cape Farewell’s activity develops too, always exploring the role of the contemporary artist in our evolving culture. Supported by a growing network of artists and research bodies, the focus of Cape Farewell’s expedition and research programme now centres on local frontiers, sustainable island communities and urban society. The programme investigates social and ecological resilience and technological innovation, challenging artists to generate images, metaphors and narratives that engage communities in the discussion and design of their own futures.

• Art Programme: The arts are a core part of the Cape Farewell project: one salient image, a novel or song can speak louder than volumes of scientific data and engage the public's imagination in an immediate way.
• Expeditions: Cape Farewell has led eight expeditions to the Arctic, one to the Peruvian Andes and one to the Western Islands of Scotland, taking artists, scientists, educators and communicators to experience the effects of climate change firsthand. By physically exploring the geographical area of the debate, Cape Farewell aims to draw people's attention to the effects of ocean currents on us and our climate - revealing the workings of this crucial part of the planet through scientific experiments, film, live web broadcasts, events, exhibitions and the insight of artists and educators. From these expeditions has sprung an incredible body of artworks, exhibitions, publications and educational resources. Each journey is a catalyst for all our subsequent activity.
• Education has always been at the heart of Cape Farewell and through youth voyages and a newly founded university programme it is engaging with a new generation of creative and scientific thinkers,

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Forest for the Trees
Red Ice 3
2007 Art/Science Expedition Sailing through sea ice on Greenland's Blosseville Coast.
Disko Bay Expedition Uummannaq, Greenland.
Rainforest The expedition team in the rainforests.
San Pedro Collecting water samples at San Pedro.
Eden Summer Sessions 2009 Laser light work by Chris Levine and the iy_project*.
Winter 2007/8 Clare Twomey, Blossom, 2007,