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Al Ma´mal Foundation

P.O.Box 14644; Al-Jawalida Street 8,
91146 Jerusalem
Palestinian Authority

Contact person: Mervat Tams, Jack Persekian

+972 2 6283457
+972 2 6272312


  • Commune, community project
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Al Ma’mal is a non-profit organisation based in a former Tile Factory in New Gate, in the Old City of Jerusalem, serving its surrounding community, their guests and the city’s visitors through a program of exhibitions, live music and workshops. Since 1998, Al Ma’mal has been a hub for art, cultural vibrancy and learning while building bridges with the world and honouring Jerusalem's own enduring qualities as a complex, culturally rich, ageless city.

Our Work
Our program compromises of:
- Exhibitions: We organize around four exhibitions a year for local and international artists that tackle subjects related to the the context of Palestine and Jerusalem. Check out our latest exhibition.

- Art Residencies: Every year we host a number of artists, researchers, academics and others to research, produce and exhibit new works that engage with our programs and the community. Applications for our 2019 residency program is now open.

- Music: Our very popular program of music performances, hosts local and international music bands every Friday night. The performances are organised on Al Ma’mal rooftop, which provides a vibrant outdoors atmosphere of music combined with the spectacular scene of the old city of Jerusalem at night.

- Talks: We invite artists, writers, researchers and curators to discuss topics that raise awareness on culture and contemporary life in and around Palestine, through innovative public encounters that are open to all.

- The Jerusalem Show, a major event that takes place every two years since 2007 and encompasses art exhibitions, performances, workshops, talks, film screenings and guided tours. The Show have taken the entire Old City both as a contextual starting point and as a venue to engage with, producing works and events that reflect on the importance of Jerusalem as an artistic, cultural, political, and social urban space. Local and international artists present their projects as part of the program.

- Contemporary Art Museum - Palestine (CAMP), was launched in 1994, as part of our ongoing search for individual ways of assessing Palestinian visual culture, and as an attempt to encourage a greater understanding and development of contemporary art in all its diverse manifestations and in particular, to the Palestinian identity. CAMP is not as a physical place. Its temporary home is within host museums, which interact with CAMP's presence and initiate projects and exhibitions.

In addition we organise frequent art educational workshops aimed at the community and a program of art performances and screenings related to our various programs.

Jack Persekian is the Director of Al Ma’mal Foundation for Contemporary Art.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.