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Acting for Women in Distressing Situations

P.O.Box 2089; #62CE0, Street 598, Boeung Kak 2
Toul Kork, Phnom Penh

Contact person: Chea Sothy

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About us

AFESIP CAMBODIA is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-religious organization established at the grass-root level in Cambodia in 1996. The dire situations of thousands of victims forced into sex slavery are the reason why AFESIP exists today. We are devoted to “humanly correct development” in order to fight against the trafficking of women and children for sex slavery.

The primary objective of AFESIP's work is to secure victims' rights by providing holistic care through a victim-centered approach, with the long-term goals of successful and permanent rehabilitation and reintegration.

AFESIP's aims and objectives are:
• To combat trafficking in women and girls for sex slavery
• To provide holistic care and recovery for those rescued from sex slavery
• To provide women and girls with occupational skills
• To reintegrate those rescued into the community through financial independence in a sustainable and innovative manner.

• Legal and Investigation Teams
• HIV/AIDS Prevention (Health Department): The social outreach teams regularly visit prostitution areas to distribute condoms and other hygienic and sanitary items as well as raise awareness regarding HIV/AIDS and self-protection. The establishment of AFESIP clinic is aimed at improving the physical health for the center residents, reintegrated women, and brothel and non-brothel based sex workers.
• Vocational Skills Training: Enable the beneficiaries to attain self-sufficiency and financial independence by providing residents with the opportunity to find employment or run their own business. It includes sewing, housekeeping, hairdressing, small business management,weaving, handicrafts, short courses on various income-generating trainings, and social work training and also life skills with the potential for residents' future employment.
• Rehabilitation and Vocational Skills Training Centers (RVSTC): The centers rehabilitate victims of trafficking, rape, and domestic violence and protect vulnerable children at adapted centers by offering protected environments for victims, providing protection, security, food, clothes, hygienic items, and accommodations in all centers, providing health care, conducting psychological care and counselling to all residents, providing formal and informal education along with art therapy classes.
• Reintegration: Is composed of Family tracing and visits, Family Assessment and Reunification, Resettled independently in the community, Monitoring and follow-up

AFESIP CAMBODIA has three shelters:
• Siem Reap Center (RVSTC): Provide a rehabilitation program with vocational courses for residents
• Kompong Cham Center( RVSTC) (Basic): aAlong-term rehabilitation center for girls under the age of 16 years.
• Phnom Penh Tom Dy Center (RVSTC): Offers a rehabilitation program to residents that consists of psychological counselling, medical care, and other available therapies. Additionally, the center provides basic literacy, math, and life skills courses as well as vocational skills training.

Chea Sothy is the IT & Website Manager of AFESIP Cambodia.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.