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Centre for Peace Advancement in Nigeria (CEPAN)

P.O.Box 13117 , Boulder Hill, No.12 CBN Road
Jos 930001 Plateau State

Contact person: Samuel A. Goro

+234-703-219-8451 ; +234-806-240-9407


  • Peace politics
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The Centre for Peace Advancement in Nigeria (CEPAN) was established in February 2004 in response to the plethora of violent sectarian conflicts in Nigeria. CEPAN is a not-for profit, non-governmental organization based in Nigeria. The organization works to strengthen the values of peace, cultural and religious harmony among the diverse people of Nigeria through a broad spectrum of community-based peace building and people-oriented development activities. The organization believes that people are the real pillars for peace building and therefore strives to enhance their capacity. CEPAN’s programmes are predicated on the belief that people and development are intertwined.

CEPAN envisions a society where there is peace based on justice, harmony based on people’s recognition of the strength and beauty of diversity, and prosperity based on sustainable development.

Our mission is creating peaceful communities by promoting peace building and development through conciliation services, training, research and disseminating accurate and reliable information on peace and development issues

We focus on a broad spectrum of activities:
• Inter-faith peace building
• Post-conflict peace reconstruction
• Trauma healing
• Conflict mediation
• Fostering peace awareness and mutual tolerance among young people by facilitating peace education.
• Collaborating with key stakeholders to maintain a conflict early warning and early response system.
• Equipping individuals, communities and organizations with training resources needed to enhance their peace-building capacity.
• Encourage citizenship and civic education based on peaceful co-existence, religious tolerance, ethnic diversity and nation-building.
• Facilitating women and youth skills acquisition and economic empowerment.
• Emergency preparedness and response.

We achieve this through:
• Advocacy;
• Networking and informal contacts;
• Track 1 and 2 approaches;
• Workshops, seminars and conferences;
• Community-based action research;
• Field visits;
• Use of dedicated and committed professionals who have both theoretical and practical experiences;
• Consultation with stakeholders across vertical and horizontal levels;
• Gender mainstreaming;
• Publications.

Samuel A. Goro is the Executive Director of CEPAN.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.