Netzkraft Movement

Das Dorf

Verein für traditionelle und zukünftige Lebensweisen

Diex 146
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Contact person: Grander, Eveline

+43 (0) 4231 25453


  • Spiritual organization
  • Overnight facilities
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

"The Village", a society for a traditional and future way of life, is an NGO founded by Eveline Grander in 1997. Since then she has financed and developed it. Members of the society have helped with its construction on a voluntary basis. Our special concern is to recapture the enchantment of living nature, as our forefathers (particularly the Celts) understood it, and to enable the people of today to experience this. A spirit in every stone, every plant and every animal. To this end we research the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and incorporate it once more into our present day life. Thus we are able to shape our present and future more joyfully, completely and meaningfully. The objectives of the society are realised through the following idealistic activities:

- The reconstruction of a „living“ Celtic village with animals and plants
- Teaching by the druid Eveline Grander and training to be a druid
- Seminars and workshops: Celtic sweat lodges; magical journeys; seeing auras; spirits of nature; fairies and elves; medicinal herbs; journeys of the soul and protozoan; runes, masculine and feminine roots.
- Celtic Ordinary Time festivals for people and nature; Brigid; spring equinox: Beltane; summer solstice; lugnasadh; autumn equinox; samhain; winter solstice.
- The project "The Village":

A large compound with Irish-Scottish roundhouse, Celtic grubenhouse; triple pond area, festival place with stone circle, Hallstatt period wagon, a happy animal community with horses, goats sheep, a pig, dogs and cats, garden and a herb spiral with many threatened native and exotic herbs and medicinal plants, various forgotten types of vegetables and fruits, and much more. The dwelling house has been developed into a homely centrepiece, with wooden cladding, Celtic decorations, herb spiral, attic, well-being oasis with sauna and with many lovingly designed details.

We can offer accommodation to other net participants. Work in return for board and lodging is welcome. In addition we can give counselling, make a presentation and provide up-to-date expertise in the areas of healing, the Celtic view of the natural world, herbs, ancient building methods, Ordinary Time, man and woman.