Netzkraft Movement

Bildungswerk Leben und Umwelt e.V.

Alte Schule
37186 Fredelsloh

Contact person: Baumelt, Lothar und Thoel, Peter

+49 5555/522


  • Alternative economy
  • Educational policy/project
  • Overnight facilities
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

“Leben und Umwelt e.V.” (Life and Environment) in Fredelsloh, in the county of Northeim, is a political educational institution in a rural setting. We offer seminars and workshops for country and town dwellers on the subject of fair and sustainable economics, ecology and peace politics. Spiritual and cultural events also have a place. For over twenty years, our work has given priority to the Fredelsloh credit associations (interest-free loans within a cooperative).

The „Old School“, our meeting house, is a half-timbered building which was renovated with financial help from one such credit association. The house offers overnight accommodation for up to 20 persons on a self-catering basis. Individuals or families can also stay overnight during the holidays.

Payments can sometimes be in the form of work instead of money. It is important to us that a lack of money does not bar anyone from education. So we leave the participants to decide what they pay. We do have to cover our costs, but in this way we can compensate for financial and social differences among those taking part. The meeting house is run and maintained entirely by volunteers. The standard of accommodation in the Old School is simple but comfortable.

We always take care to relate theory to practice, so there are plenty of ways of playing an active part: from creating one’s own lifestyle, through working in the organisation, to having political influence on society.

We can offer overnight accommodation to other net participants. We can also make presentations and provide information on the subject of credit associations.