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CIER : Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources

P.O. Box 26092, 3rd floor - 245 McDermot Avenue, RPO Maryland
MB R3G 3R3 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Contact person: Kathy Johnson

+1 (204) 956-0660 ext. 3


  • Environmental organization
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About us

CIER (Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources) was founded in 1994 by a small group of First Nation leaders from across Canada who recognized the need to create their own technical, non-political, education and research-oriented organization that would assist Indigenous peoples to build their capacity to solve environmental problems affecting their lands and resources. CIER is the only national, First Nation-directed environmental non-profit organization with charitable status. We operate in a virtual environment and our staff works with our clients to develop and implement sustainable solutions to proactively address environmental issues affecting First Nations lands.

We envision sustainable First Nation communities and a healthy environment.

Our mission is to assist First Nations with building the capacity to address the environmental issues they face.

CIER has a Three-Fold Mandate:
• To establish and implement environmental capacity-building initiatives for First Nations;
• To initiate, promote and increase First Nations´ input in the deliberations and resolution of all environmental issues;
• To develop and enhance the links between all First Nations in Canada and indigenous peoples worldwide.

Our two overarching goals: Protecting Lands and Waters and Building Sustainable Communities guide our work and the development of what we offer under our Water, Youth, Food, Indigenous Knowledge and Biodiversity Strategies.

Protecting Lands and Waters:
• Help identify threats to the health of lands and waters, so that action can be taken to minimize or eliminate impacts.
• Develop strategies, tools and options for sustainable use of lands and waters and the resources they contain.
• Promote restoration and protection of the health and integrity of lands and waters.
• Encourage First Nations to live in balance with nature, share knowledge and promote awareness to all community members, and have the capacity to protect species.
• Develop and deliver educational programs and materials to all levels of education and various audiences (e.g., Indigenous and non-Indigenous; government and non-government) on environmental issues facing Indigenous peoples such as climate change, species at risk and watershed protection.
• CIER provides culturally appropriate, user-friendly resources and guides that will assist First Nations with implementing programs and projects that protect lands and waters that they can share with their communities and promote Indigenous Knowledge.
Building Sustainable Communities:
• Assist First Nations in building sustainable communities through integrated community sustainability planning and wide-area planning.
• Promote decision-making that integrates social, economic, cultural and environmental concerns and issues.
• Promote the development and use of environmentally-sustainable community buildings and infrastructure. We assist First Nations in ways to prevent pollution and waste, conserve energy, and minimize water use, while maintaining financially sound operations.
• Build effective relationships between non-indigenous organizations and Indigenous communities. Strong relationships and knowledge sharing provides mutually beneficial outcomes to improve environmental health.

Kathy Johnson is the Manager of Finance and Administration of CIER (Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.