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Rural and Urban Orphans Care Organisation (RUUOCAO)



Contact person: Jackson Mwingira

+255766595144, +255714686552


  • Aid for developing countries
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The Rural and Urban Orphans Care Organization (RUUOCAO) is a Tanzanian NGO established in 2010 with registration number of 00NGO/00007398. Registered under Non-Governmental Organization act, 2002 under section 12(2) of Act No.24 of 2002, under ministry of Health and Social affairs that care rural orphans, prevent HIV/AIDS spread, giving HIV/AIDS and sex education; promote sustainable development in the community and quality education to the students. RUUOCAO works on sensitizing the public in regard to care for orphans.

Our vision is to become a dynamic organization in delivery provision of services of Orphans in rural and urban areas.

To continuously strive to meet the vision of Orphans in villages and cities so that they may live worthily life empty of psychological problems, succeed in education, succeed in economical situations till to reach the point of them to help other Orphans. Also to focus vulnerable groups in villages such as vulnerable people through provision of social services and application of profession’s talents to serve others in the society.
Due to the fact that these Orphans will be taken care in their original/local homes, so after 5 years we expect to get Orphans who are Local and Patriotists.
6.1To reduce the number of uneducated Orphans who fail to continue with studies because they are Orphans.
6.2 To educate the local community on how to care for Orphans.
6.3To reduce the problems encountered the Orphans
6.4To make equality in care for Orphans in Urban and Rural area.
6.5 To reduce Poverty in our communities.
This project will operate for 5 years for phase 1.
8.1 Rural and Urban areas in Songea
8.2 Tanzania Mainland in accordance to our registration as it grows


We are finding and welcoming any internal and external Sponsors to volunteer.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

We look for organization and individuals to help in our projects.
Visit our facebookpage @ruuocao2014, email:

This is our Nursery school in Namtumbo rural area. The scholl has 90 orphans. We ask for fund to help these orphans. Here is a picture they are with their teacher at class
His name is John Nyanga. He lives in etreme rural area in Songea. As you can see he has only the close he wears. We ask for anyone to help clothes
Stanslaus Milengo. He is STD V. His father died. He lives with his mother. They are three. The first is Edgar Milengo who is mechanics. Second is Edina Milengo STD VI. The third is herself. He is studying at Mahenge. He has 11 years old. He wants to be a Teacher.
YUSTA NJIWA-Not started a school. Stays at home and is HIV/AIDS affected. Her mother is poor cant manage her due to her situation of her child health. Yusta needs Diet, Health insurance, clothes, and school fees to start a school.
The three children are Alfreda Nyoni, Abdul Abdala and Anipha Abdala are living with their grand mother who is on the picture giving some sweet. The three are living a very poor life due to their parents have been died by HIV/AIDS. They need food, clothes and school basic needs.
Here’s what your donations will mean: provides an orphan with a nutritious school lunch and food for her extended family for 30 days; per month furnishes a child with shelter, clean water, medical care and education for 30 days; 0 will shelter a girl fleeing female circumcision and help send her to the safety of a boarding school and the education she needs to lead a better life; 00 will provide a one-year science scholarship for orphan girls with a high aptitude for math and science Visit our facebookpage @ruuocao2014, email:
Here is our orphans students at Ifinga parish. This is is the very remote area. No network no car transport
SALMIN ABDALA Studies at MAHILO PRIMARY SCHOOL. She is in STD IV. He need Diet and Health insurance (Sometime unable to attend the school due to sickness)
Sophia Salum. STD VI. Mahenge Primary School. Her father died. She lives with her mother. They are 6 in their family. The first is Martin Moyo is a Driver. The second is Marko Moyo is a Shopkeeper. The third is Kanisia Moyo is a House girl. The fourth is Moses Moyo is a Conductor. The fifth is Alfred Moyo is in form four. The fifth is herself. She has 10 years old. She wants to be a Nurse.
Neema Hamis. She has 15 years old. She has completed STD VII at Lilambo. They are 5 in their family. She is in Tailoring trainings in SongeaThe first is in form IV, the second is herself, and the third is in STD V. The fourth STD III, the fifth not started. Her father has died. She lives with her mother. She wants to be a Journalist.
Cockutona Emmanuel. She has 14 years old.. She has completed STD seven at Mahenge Primary school. She is in form two at Namihoro Sec. school. They are six in their family. The first is a labor at Tigo shop, the second is in form four, the third is herself, the fourth is in Std V, the fifth is in STD I and the last is not yet started a school. Her father has died. She wants to be a nurse. She asks
Sarah Mhagama. She has 13 years old. She has completed STD VII at Tingi Primary school in Mbinga. She is in form one at Kalembo sec. school. They are 4. The fist is herself, the second is in Std IV, the third is in kindergarten, the fourth not started. She lives with her mother. She wants to be a Teacher
Anna Nyoni. She has 14 years old. She has completed STD VII at Mahilo Primary school. She is in Tailoring trainings. They are 5 in their family. The fist is in Mechanics, the second is in form two, the third is herself, the fourth is in Std VI, and the fifth is in STD I. She lives with poor parents. She wants to be a Teacher.