Netzkraft Movement

Allerweltsladen - Fair handeln

Limmerstr. 44
30451 Hannover

Contact person: Lange, Ulrich

+49 511/2108887
+49 511/2108887


  • Aid for developing countries
  • Alternative economy
  • Educational policy/project
  • Overnight facilities
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

It was in autumn 1980 when the idea came up to offer permanently products from so-called developing countries together with information about the South-North problem. A global shop was to be opened in which goods are sold from common projects and cooperatives. The association "Allerweltsladen - Arbeitskreis zur Förderung gemeinnütziger Projekte in der Dritten Welt e.V." (global shop - working group for the promotion of charitable projects in the Third World) was founded still in autumn. At the moment it has 35 members and is a member of the world shop umbrella organization and the "VEN".

By selling their products the global shop intends to support the producers - cooperatives and mergers of small producers from different countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America - in their own efforts to improve their life situation. Fair prices shall not only contribute to secure their bread line but shall also make an improvement of the working conditions and the building up of common institutions possible.

The consciousness of the local consumers for the unfair world trade structures shall be sharpened by the supply of diverse information. Product descriptions inform about the origin and production of the goods and about the life and working conditions of the producers in the respective countries. The sale of books and magazines in shops and lending libraries complete the offer of information.

One priority of the work of the shop is the organization of political and cultural events, such as exhibitions, readings, slide shows or theatre. Highlights were for example the "Teatro Trono", a street urchins theatre from Bolivia, a series of events referring to the culture and history of Mexico together with slide shows, a potter workshop and a workshop on Mexican cooking as well as the exhibition developing country D. In addition to that, information and sales stands are offered on different occasions.

We can offer an overnight accommodation for other net participants. In addition to that, we can give advice in the fields of fair trade and development policy, we can give a lecture and arrange for contacts.