Netzkraft Movement

clubkinder e.V.

Fruchtallee 19a
20259 Hamburg

Contact person: Jannes Vahl

+49 (0)40 30 22 61 10; +49 (0)176 76 79 06 98


  • Media project
  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

clubkinder is a non-profit organisation founded in 2011, which raises money for Hamburg, Germany, in order to promote
• aid for youth and the aged
• art and culture
• child raising, national education, job training
• animal protection

clubkinder collects donations for social projects in Hamburg and fosters the cultural life of the city with an online magazine “Events and more.” clubkinder raises money mainly at events organised in cooperation with the “flutlotsen” agency, e.g. concerts, parties, or fun things like the clubkinder diary reading. The flagship of this undertaking is the clubkinder Festival. This first took place in December 2011 in over 70 locations in Hamburg, and now it is to be an annual event. Within the framework of “Klanglabor”, a specially created secondary association, and in cooperation with the non-profit TV broadcaster “TIDE” and the “RockCity” organisation, clubkinder supports young musicians from the city with a sponsoring package. Each musician taking part receives a professionally produced video – a 5 minute live recording, uncut and unedited. There may also be a performance opportunity in a suitable venue, publicity and further contacts.

• vivie ann: when they are onstage, vivie ann present the audience with songs which are a mix of pure energy and infectious high spirits.
• Deine Cousine: Deine Cousine is a singer, composer and performer rolled into one. She only knows one direction – straight ahead!
• Loifior: the Post-Poppers of Loifior combine British influences with German lyrics and thus bring a breath of fresh air into the musical landscape.
• Delio: the young singer-songwriter Delio was a guest in clubkinder Klanglabor and performed some of her songs live on stage.
• FischKlub: the four members of Fischklub met while studying music in Hamburg. Since then they have been presenting music together which is good to dance to and has German lyrics.
• and others

• 2,000 Euro for “Schulapfel” (school apple)
• 666 Euro for the cross-generations house “Nachbarschatz” (Neighbour treasure)
• Donations from the retro flea market for the “Altona” free shop.
• Donations from “Hallo Frau Nachbar” (Hallo neighbour) for the “Dunkelkammerkinder” (dark room kids)
• Proceeds of the seventh diary reading for GWA St. Pauli

Jannes Vahl is the president of clubkinder.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.