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Bangladesh National Women Lawyers´ Association [BNWLA]

Monico Mina Tower, 48/3, West Agargoan
1207 Dhaka

Contact person: Salma Ali

+88-02-8112858, +88-02-8125866, +88-02-9143293
+88 02 8112858


  • Human rights
  • Women's policy
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers´ Association (BNWLA) is a non-profit, non- political organization established in 1979 through committed efforts of some of the prominent women lawyers in Bangladesh and subsequently registered as a legal body in 1981.
Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers´ Association (BNWLA) is fighting to create equal opportunities and equal rights for every woman and child in the country. BNWLA promotes the rights and status of women lawyers alongside fighting for access to justice for all women & children particularly for the most disadvantaged women and children in Bangladesh.
The programs and service provisions of BNWLA are particularly targeted at the poorest and most disadvantaged areas of the country where comprehensive legal service delivery program along with others preventive and protective supports in establishing human rights and resisting violence against woman and child is most needed.

BNWLA as a human rights organization believes and committed in progressive, democratic practices with religious tolerance, creating gender equality through mutual respect, collective response along effective coordination and openness.

Our goal is to ensure women and children rights & social justice.
• To provide legal protection to targeted women and children;
• To undertake advocacy on enactment, reform and amendment of laws/policies;
• To enhance the professionalism of members /staffs and stakeholders for ensuring social justice;
• To provide comprehensive psychosocial supports and social safety net for targeted beneficiaries;
• To practice gender equality & good governance;
• To strengthen organizational management.

The organization followed three thematic approaches and three specific strategies:
• prevention,
• protection
• psychosocial rehabilitation and reintegration,
• advocacy for introduction and reform of law/policies (including research, dialogues, seminars/workshops, PIL, media, Networking, Partnership),
• right-based prevention, protection & integration supports (including comprehensive women and child friendly packages like legal, shelter, development, psychosocial counseling & others),
• enhancing member women lawyers´ professional capacity to act as "Change Agents"
to resist countrywide violence against women and children & fulfill its vision "to establish rule of law with gender equality".

Following thematic approaches, BNWLA had initiated several programs & activities.

Salma Ali is the Executive Director of the Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers´ Association (BNWLA).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.