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Brasilieninitiative Freiburg e.V.

79100 Freiburg

Contact person: Günther Scholz

+49 (0)761-556 25 72
+49 (0)761-556 25 72


  • Aid organization
  • Aid for developing countries

About us

The non-profit organisation Brasilieninitiative Freiburg e.V. has concerned itself with Brazil since 1978. The focus of our work is on depicting the varied facets of this huge country with all its contradictions. As well as information events showing not only the social problems but also Brazilian culture, and the publishing of the magazine “BrasilienNachrichten” (Brazilian News) the organisation supports several small-scale projects. Included are land projects and self-organisation in the favelas (slums) or street children projects. The projects we support have to be exemplary, and not create new dependence.
Alongside practical support for such projects, our organisation keeps in contact with the landless movement, American Indian organisations and other social movements. This solidarity with those directly affected is very important to them and supports them in their own work.

Some projects we support:

• Casa Taiguara – a Home in Sao Paulo for 13-17 year-old street children, offering them the chance of education and job training. .
• Casa Taiguarinha – accommodation in Sao Paulo to look after 7-12 year-old street children.
• Projeto Integrar – psychological care for street children who wish to return to their families.
• Favela 2 de Julho – Education and culture project in Salvador with a crèche for children of single mothers, a training centre for youths and a meeting place for older people.
• Reservoir project in the state of Paraíba.
• Support for the crèche “0 Brasileirinho” in the state of Pará.
• Support for the human rights centre CDHEC - Centro de Direitos Humanos, Educacao e Cidadania - in Fortaleza, the regional capital of the state Ceará.
• Support for the community centre Fabio Sandei - Salvador da Bahia.

Günther Schulz is the president of Brasilieninitiative Freiburg e.V.

On request we can offer other net participants advice or a presentation. We can provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.