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Bright Bangladesh Forum [BBF]

House # 23/B , Road # 03, Katal Gonj R /A,
Panchlish, Chittagong - 4203

Contact person: Utpal Barua, Chief Executive

+88-(0)31-612414; +880 (0)1713-120957; +88-031-2555901


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons

About us

Bright Bangladesh Forum (BBF) is a non-government, non-political, non-profitable multidimensional voluntary organization. BBF came into being on the 2nd January 2001 as a formal organization through the joint efforts of some noble hearted philanthropist social workers.

Objectives of organization:
• To provide education to the children and adults for development of individual knowledge and capacity.
• To establish Vocational Training Centre for providing technical skills.
• To raise awareness and sensitize the stakeholders to realize the barriers of disabled persons and to take initiatives for overcoming the same.
• To protect and preserve human rights specially women and child rights.
• To remove child labour & to improve the lives of children.
• To provide knowledge and awareness on health care and personal hygiene especially maternal and child health care.
• Prevention of HIV/AIDS and establishment of social dignity of people living with HIV/AIDS
• To empower the vulnerable women at grassroots level providing necessary training, motivation, right education including necessary technical and financial support.
• To aware the target peoples as well as community people regarding the uses of safe water and sanitation that importance to social mobilization on health care.
• To promote self sufficiency & leadership development of young people.
• To undertake environmental program
• To increase family income through self-employment among the target groups encouraging them to undertake income generation activities.
• Media Development – Capacity Building of Journalists.
• To establish good governance at local level to ensure transparency, accountability among the local institutions.

Program & Projects:
• Children’s Action for Social Empowerment (CASE): To ensure access to basic services like health, education etc for the disadvantaged and working children.
• Education Access & Quality Improvement Programme (EAQIP): To fulfill children’s rights to basic education, through support to all stages of schooling in order to increase access, especially for socially & economically marginalized children.
• Let Children Speak (LCS): Assist to eliminate all forms of abuses and discriminations affecting children’s life.
• Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons: Rehabilitate disabled persons creating self-employment providing skills and capacity to be self-reliant and to improve their life status.
• Capacity Development and Advocacy Program for promoting DPO and UNCRPD: To enhance the capability of person with disability and mainstream them of the society through organizing advocacy and training.
• Empowerment of Women through Sustainable Socio-economic Development: Improve the participation of women and adolescents in local government decision-taking spaces, tackling their needs in family, economic and social life.
• Prevention of HIV/AIDS Among Young People in Bangladesh
• Primary Health Care Service
• Micro entrepreneurship develop program
• Cultural Development Program: To Preserve and Protect Bangladeshi culture and tradition

Utpal Barua is the Chief Executive Officer of BBF.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Community Meeting on promote UNCRPWD
Disability is not inability, but differently ability (Skill Development Training)
Women empowerment on economically in rural area
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Child Participation in Decision Making Process
Adolescent Reproductive Health Education
Jointly Procession of Child Council Election Candidate through Democracy Practice
Child Voter is waiting with Discipline in Child Council Election to Cast there vote
A Child Casting her Vote to Elect Child Leader
Community Awareness Drama on Protect Early Marriage
Dialogue Meeting with Journalist & Child Council on Protect Labor
Dialogue Meeting with Employers & Child Council