Netzkraft Movement

Development Research Communication & Services Centre


58A Dharmatola Rd, Bosepukur,Kasba
700042 Kolkata

Contact person: Chatterjee, Ardhendu Shekhar

+91 (0)33 2442 7311


  • Commune, community project
  • Alternative economy
  • Environmental project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The Development Research Communication and Services Centre (DRCSC) was formed in the year 1982 as a resource centre for collection, collation and dissemination of information on various socio-economic problems and to highlight the efforts/struggles of various NGOs and CBOs to ensure social justice; especially for informal sector workers, indigenous communities and small farmers/landless labourers as well as self employed artisans. The centre also studied and promoted various media and methods of social communication.

DRCSC is a non-government development organisation and since 1992 the work became more focused on Sustainable Agriculture & Natural Resource Management for improving food and livelihood security of the rural poor through sustainable management of natural resources on the basis of principles and actions, that are environment friendly, economically appropriate, socially just and developed by mutual cooperation.

Its major concerns:

- Improvement of Homestead Gardens and Small Farms for Food Security,
- conservation and management of Natural Resources and indigenous knowledge,
- management of Common Property Resources,
- group initiatives on economic activities and creation of community assets,
- bio-diversity conservation through popularization of indigenous plants,
- documentation of Trials and successful Case Studies,
- capacity building of Self-Help Groups for Agro-based Micro-enterprise development.

Its aim is:
- to reestablish sustainable ecosystems by striking a balance between human need and available natural resources.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the following fields: Home Garden, Organic Farming, Ecological Design for Sustainable Development. We take up collaborative studies and we can offer overnight facilities.