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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziale Psychiatrie e.V.

Zeltinger Straße 9
50969 Köln

Contact person: Suhre, Richard

+49 221/ 511002
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  • Social policy/disabled persons

About us

The "Deutsche Gesellschaft für soziale Psychiatrie" (German society for social psychiatry) is an independent professional association in which all occupational groups who are active in psychiatry work together. This is based on the insight that there is no profession today which can realize, understand and treat the problems of psychologically sick persons, but that it is necessary that the occupational groups look at the problems together and cooperate in a reasonable way.

Those who become members of the "DGSP" want to be active in addition to his/her own occupation and his/her individual role, he/she wants to become political, to talk, to argue, to think and to act democratically. The "DGSP" is an association that does not only offer something, but an association in which one can become active. Collaboration in the "DGSP" means to have a good look at psychological disturbances.

We learnt that a development towards more self-determination, creative power and influence on the living conditions is only possible in a climate of a balance of interests and open discussion. This applies to both, psychologically ill people and their helpers. Here with us you can learn in multiple ways: during conferences, in regional association work, by acting on the spot or during the socio-psychological additional training of the "DGSP".

The "DGSP" supports new ideas which enable the realization of the right of psychologically ill people to the safeguarding of their existence and self-determination in all areas of life, namely housing, work, education and leisure time.

The "DGSP" stands up for consequent communalization of the care of psychologically ill and disabled people. The responsibility thereof lies with the community. Instructions to safeguard the same have to be given to the community. This means: psychiatry takes place in the community not only "close to the community". This applies in particular to chronically ill persons.

The "DGSP", founded in 1970 and since 1992 united with the society for municipal psychiatry (founded in the German Democratic Republic in 1992), is subdivided into the general meeting, a federal board, regional asscociations, regional groups, committees of experts and a federal office.

It publishes the magazine for members "Soziale Psychiatrie" (social psychiatry), is partner of the publishing house "Psychiatrie-Verlag" and takes care of a regular exchange of information with other professional associations for psychiatry.

I give expert advice, lectures and communicate up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts on the subject "social psychiatry".