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  • Environmental organization

About us

Our mission is to increase public awareness of the daily mismanagement of, and the dangers to, the oceans. Founded in 2003 by biologists and conservationists in Hamburg, Deepwave works nationally and internationally to inform politicians and seeks to further the protection of the oceans by raising public consciousness.

As a member of the Tiefseeschutz-Koalition (Coalition of Deep Sea Conservationists), Deepwave advocates, for example, having marine reserves also outside the 200 mile zone and speaks up for the banning of deep sea trawling, in order to protect the vulnerable cold-water corals. Together with the Shark Alliance, our organisation promotes better protection of sharks and demands the banning of ”finning“ (trading in shark fins) as well as a radical reform of European fishing policies within the framework of the Ocean 2012-Campaign.

Various members' actions, exhibitions and information brochures (eg currently on the subject of littering the oceans) enable committed Friends of the Ocean to deepen and constantly update their knowledge.

Deepwave's objective is to contribute to the development and furtherance of environmentally friendly structures for the ecosystem of both offshore and deep seas.

DEEPWAVE wishes to:
• increase awareness of environmental hazards,
• exert political pressure to remedy the causes,
• further the dissemination of scientific findings,
• provide a framework for the exchange of information and opinions on marine affairs.

We seek to realise our aims by:
• supporting projects,
• publicity,
• raising funds through donations and sponsoring.

• Exposures: Working with the DSCC, a consortium of 50 international marine conservation organisations, Deepwave seeks to achieve a UNO moritorium on trawling - a destructive and economically completely needless fishing method.
• Information: The Deepwave initiative was founded to develop and establish environmentally friendly structures for the marine ecosystem. By informing and educating, Deepwave raises awareness of the threats to our vulnerable ocean treasures in this age of a global scarcity of resources.
• Reforestation: The devastating aftermath of the Sumatra tsunami in 2004 has made it clear to all of us, how vitally important it is, to keep the coastal mangrove forests intact. Together with the southern Indian conservation organisation OMCAR, Deepwave initiated the mangrove reforestation programme MANGREEN, in Tamil Nadu. 5000 seedlings have been planted so far. The programme includes far ranging social measures and has become a model for others to follow.

Dr. Onno Groß is the president of DEEPWAVE. e.V.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.