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Baobab Books

Jurastrasse 49
4053 Basel

Contact person: Sonja Matheson

+41 61 333 27 27
+41 61 333 27 26


  • Antiracism, policy of integration
  • Educational policy/project
  • Human rights
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Baobab Books is a charitable association based in Basel, Switzerland. Books are the focus of our work, as their educational and cultural contents imbue them with an ability second to none to impart social values in a differentiated way. Our publications promote the availability of a broad and diverse range of books, and our projects animate people to think about their cultural roles, about prejudice and marginalisation. That is how we link the promotion of reading skills with the much important intercultural dialogue.

We are engaged in various projects nationally and internationally that promote reading for children and young people as well as the dialog between people of different cultures. With our workshops and seminars for specialists, teams and students we offer further education in the area of intercultural literature for young people. Please read more about our activities.
• The World in Books (Taiwan)
• The Long Story of a Tzotzil-Maya Myth (Mexico)
• The World in Books (Tanzania)
• The Pictures of the Gond (India)
• Mondomedia – Open Libraries (Switzerland)

Educational projects and workshops
• BuchBesuch: With the project BuchBesuch Baobab Books promotes reading skills as well as the intercultural dialogue among children in Swiss schools.
• Teaching Materials: Baobab Books produces teaching materials in German for selected titles in the Baobab Series. Each teaching unit offers background information on a culture and/or a book´s topics together with worksheets for use in the classroom. These pedagogic materials will assist teachers and students to explore the books in more depth.
• FAiRE: In a bilingual project both German and French speaking children develop their own short stories through drawings and writing – and sound. Finally the stories are recorded and all elements are integrated in an interactive electronical system.
• Kolibri: In this list of recommendations Baobab Books presents books that offer insights into other cultures and religions, broaden horizons and identify the potential but also the problems raised when different cultures live together.

Sonja Matheson is the Executive Director and Editor of Baobab Books.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.