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Afrikanische Jugendhilfe e.V.

African Youth Foundation

Reuterstr. 187
53113 Bonn

Contact person: Mike Aidoo

+49 (0) 228 910 8833
+49 (0) 1212 510 323 700 or +49 228 92 6


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The Afrikanische Jugendhilfe e.V. (African Youth Foundation) is a non-government organisation based in Bonn. It was founded with the aim of giving young people in Africa – particularly those who are out of work and without a school leaving certificate - the chance to acquire the skills necessary to enable them to lead independent lives. The organisation’s concern is to improve the education of young people in Africa. Knowledge and skills should be mobilised, developed and used to the benefit of national development.

The African Youth Foundation considers its task to be giving less fortunate young people in Africa new opportunities, so that they have access to primary education and job training. Education is a valuable asset; so investing in education can be regarded as a vital contribution to the development of limited human resources.

We want to:

- help people to help themselves, and to facilitate education and further training,
- extend the dialogue between social groups at home and abroad, as well as contributing to the strengthening of cooperation with other African countries in their development work,
- cooperate with organisations, trade associations and self-help groups working at home and abroad.

The African Youth Foundation is involved in the following:
- the advancement of youth education by means of workshops, seminars and vocational training in some African countries,
- the publishing of journals, reports, studies and news letters,
- the organisation of conferences, work groups, forums and lectures.

We can offer the following to other net participants on request: advice, an expert opinion, presentations, up-to-date specialist knowledge, contacts in the field of our work.