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Comprehensive Rural Tribal Development Program (CRTDP)

Tidke Vidyalaya, Katol Road,
440013.(M.S.) Nagpur

Contact person: I. K. David

+91 (0)712-591464
+91 (0)712-591464


  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Aid organization
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The Comprehensive Rural Tribal Development Program (CRTDP) is a peoples association to combat poverty and to create awareness among the masses in the areas of exploitation of the powerless & underprivileged, also to educate and guide people for constructive change in the society. Situated in the heart of Central India, Nagpur, CRTDP started its work in 1980 in the rural areas. It works in close collaboration with governmental and other voluntary organizations in the areas of rural and urban development.

Our mission is to educate, organize and guide people for constructive change in their societies, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

Our Objective
• To strengthen the communities with unity in their struggle for justice and dignified human living.
• To promote people´s awareness in understand the root cause for their poverty and the action required to overcome them.
• To promote and provide economic training for underprivileged men and women for self employment.
• To promote health care and awareness in the community with special attention to women and children.
• To promote emergency relief and medical attention for the poor in times and calamities like drought, flood, fire and epidemics.

• Rural Development: Organizing the villagers, forming farmers clubs for utilization of modem and better farming techniques, forming women´s self help groups, motivating women´s savings and bank linkages, providing emergency relief and farmers assistance by way of giving seeds and fertilizers, arranging health camps, medical aid and advice and giving first aid to the villagers through village level health workers trained by CRTDP.
• BMPT: Barbara’s Multipurpose Polytechnic imparts skill to school drop-out youths for self employment with special attention to child laborers, street children and destitute women. Classes like tailoring and dress designing, nursing, electric wiring, motor rewinding, two wheeler repairs or refrigerator/ AC repair are offered as well as a destitute home and hostel on the school.
• Destitute Women & Children’s Development Institute: This institute aims to promoting women’s awareness of their rights and justice to improve their social economic status, thus ensuring them a social status. Settlement of issues relating to family disputes, harassment, dowry, divorce and other legal matters are dealt with by the women´s cell which works along with the rural police department. The Institute provides training for rural and urban women to help make them independent and self supporting. It also provides shelter and rehabilitation to destitute women and children.
• Watershed Development: The main aim of those projects is to technically treat the lands so as to minimize soil erosion and optimize water conservation, resulting in a higher water table and a better output of yields to the farmers.
• HIV / AIDS awareness: The Programme’s main goal is to combat the spreading of HIV infections. Street plays, video shows, exhibitions, community meetings and other communal programmes are used to raise people’s awareness of the disease. They are provided education about the subject, especially about precautionary measures and misconceptions about HIV, and are invited to participate in free testing.

I. K. David is the General Director of the Comprehensive Rural Tribal Development Program (CRTDP).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Watershed Treatments in different rural areas
Conture Lines
Youth job-trainings in our Institution
Students are eating and living together so there is no discrimination at all
Basic nursing students doing medical practice
Village health workers training in CRTDP
Village health workers with their emergency medicine-kits
HIV-Awareness building with german volounteers